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The Wedding Night

 First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes The Wedding Night. At the end of their perfect day, Ben and Gabrielle are having a less than perfect night. Conjugal bliss is put on hold as they grapple with the idea of marriage and what it means for them.

Premiered at the 2008 Ottawa Fringe Festival. Directed by Danielle K.L. Gregoire and Nadine Thornhill 






A delicious comedy about race, identity and vibrators! Black on the outside, “white” on the inside, Kaye, a woman of colour, maintains that her passion for soft rock and word puzzles do not negate her racial identity. Newly divorced and working at a sex shop, Kaye is determined to find a way to live life inside her own skin.
Premiered at the 2009 Ottawa Fringe Festival. Directed by Chantale Plante.








Complex Numbers

As a mathematician, Fiona knows how to find answers for complicated problems…except when it comes to her relationships. As she tries to solve the equation of first dates + kinky sex + commitment, she learns that the best solutions aren’t always the obvious ones.

Premiered at the 2011 Ottawa Fringe Festival. Directed by Ken Godmere








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