What’s The Best Place for Purchasing a Holiday Home in Turkey?

If you can go for a property investment worth at least $250,000 in Turkey, it would be possible for you to secure Turkish citizenship. You can find more information about that on https://turkishcitizenshipinv.com/. The real estate investment that you do in Turkey would not be restricted in any form as well. In other words, you have complete freedom to purchase any type of property in Turkey as per the preferences that you have. That’s where you can think about spending your money to buy a holiday home. Then you can simply rent it and secure a decent income. Here are some of the best places in Turkey where you will be able to buy a holiday home.

  • Alanya

The popularity of Alanya is increasing as a tourist attraction. Hence, you can think about purchasing a property that is available in Alanya. This region is located at the foot of Taurus Mountain Range. In fact, tourists from Russia, Scandinavian countries, Germany, and the UK often come to Alanya for spending their holidays. Moreover, the popularity of Alanya among tourists from Middle East is growing. Since Alanya is receiving over 300 years of sunshine throughout the year, you can call it as one of the best places for purchasing a holiday home as well.

Some of the most popular activities available for the tourists to do here in Alanya include Jeep Safaris, scuba diving, horse riding, quad bike rentals, adventure sports, daily boat trips, local explorations, and water sports. You just need to take their advantage and earn more money from the holiday home you invest to buy.

  • Kalkan

Kalkan is another prominent tourist destination in Turkey. It is located around 90 minutes away from the Dalaman Airport. One of the best things about Kalkan is that it is called as the destination for high-end luxury villas. Hence, you will have to purchase a high-end luxury villas as your holiday home purchase. It would be a worthy decision as you can gain maximum returns by simply renting it.

Make sure that you are purchasing a holiday home in Kalkan that provides outstanding views of the Meditarranean Sea. Kalkan beach is usually getting crowded during the summer season. Hence, you will be able to experience a better chance of securing a great income out of your holiday home.

  • Ovacik

If you are not in a position to spend a fortune for purchasing a holiday home in Turkey, you may take a look at Ovacik. It is one of the most affordable places in the country where you will be able to purchase a holiday home. Ovacik is a picturesque tourist attraction as well. It is located near the Babadag mountain. Hence, people who come to enjoy their holidays in Ovacik are provided with convenient access to the stunning sceneries of Meditarranean Coast. They include the popular Blue Lagoon as well.

There are numerous restaurants, bars, and shops in Ovacik. Hence, people who rent out your home in Ovacik will never have to face any challenges when they are having a great time. Due to the same reason, you will be able to get long-term tenants to rent your home.

Final words

Now you are aware about the best places in Turkey where you invest in a holiday home. Make sure that you stick to these places and you will never have to worry about the return that you can get out of your investment.