This week I’m putting my money where my tagline line is.

Shoes: Chinese Laundry. Sweater: Aerie. Earrings: Forever 21.

Pants off. Shoes ON!

My recent visit to see Lisa, included a marathon of day shopping. We dropped mad cash all over town, but the majority of my greenbacks were spend at the glorious Discount Shoe Warehouse.

“I want ALL the shoes!” I declared upon entering. However, I don’t have ALL the money (and word is they frown on shoplifting down south) so I pared my selection down to three favourites,  all of which are sure to be in heavy rotation this season.


I’ve always enjoyed shoes, but it’s only very recently that I’ve ventured away from my usual choice of basic black, grey or token pop-of-colour colour, red. Apparently my typical love of colour and pattern stopped at the ankle. Technicolour footwear intimidated me in the past.   ‘When would I ever wear a shoe like that?’ I’d ask myself.

But there’s a time and a place for splashy footwear.  I’m sure I can figure out how to execute these pretties  And at low, low warehouse prices this seemed like to perfect opportunity to test the waters.


I’m also a recent convert to the wedge. At 5’4″ I’m not tiny, but I enjoy having the option of adding another couple of inches to my height if I so choose. Wedges serve both my desire to stand tall and my need for comfort very nicely. It’s come to my attention that some folks have very strong feelings for and against the wedge. Which side of the debate are you on?

FYI, it was my mom who first asked me to do a post featuring my new shoes. Which inspired me to pose pantsless on a table. Guess I know what I’ll be discussing at my next visit to the shrink.

Time to get off the table and onto the couch!

This week I feel sexy in…

My new purple Mary Janes!

Although “new” isn’t entirely true. New-to-me is more accurate. I spotted these violet cuties during a recent outing to Rikochet Resale, a nearby consignment store.

They come from Aldo originally and I instantly infuated with the colour, the strap detail and the sexy, but sturdy stacked heel. When I saw the price tag of $20.oo I began crushing hard-core. I tried them on.  The fit was perfect. I was in love!

I’ve had them a little over a week and my new shoes have made their way into my regular outfit rotation. They work beautiful with many of my skirts and dresses. They even fit the bill on those rare occasions I wear pants!

Beret: via eBay. Sweater: Jacob. Top and Jeans: Old Navy.

I’ve got lots of purple clothes, so I knew these shoes would have many partners waiting when they came home. But I wanted to see how they played with some of the other colours in my closet.  This outfit was kind of nerdy, but I felt like the vibrant hues and shorter skirt gave it a bit of  geek-alicious flair.

Sweater: Old Navy. Skirt: Land's End

I’m trying to develop my thrifting skills. I’ve lucked into a second-hand piece here or there, but ideally I’d love to have a skillfully curated wardrobe of new and new-to-me items. I definitely dig how far my thrifting dollars can go. I found a cute sweater super-inexpensive sweater dress, also in purple.  My shoes have a friend!

Beret and Necklace: eBay. Dress: Rena (thrifted)

(N.B. Someone cut the tag out of the collar. There is a possibility that this is not a sweater-dress, but a larger-sized tunic).

The turquoise argyle sweater in the earlier photo does have purple pinstripes, but I didn’t think they’d show up in the photo. In lieu of an accessory, I grabbed this purple book to tie in with the shoes. It is The Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex For Women by Tristan Taormino.