If you’re ever invited to a roller disco here’s what you do.

The ORD know derby AND disco!

1. Accept the invitation. You are GOING to that mother! Eff the pyramids or the Internet and whoever invented the wheel. Roller disco is humankind’s crowning achievement because nothing ever has or ever will top the  glowing, glitter ball magnificence  of jiving to Donna Summer on wheels


2. Ask yourself the following question. Are you:

a. A sensible human being living in this century?

b. A time-traveller from the 1970s

c) Me.


3. If you answered “a” you choose an outfit that is cute, comfortable and most importantly, comtemporary.

4. If you answered “b” or “c” you choose an outfit that is this:




This is what I wore to the roller disco last Saturday. Apparently the dress code has changed a bit since the early 80s, because while the rest of the wheelers were dressed like people from THIS century, I was the lone character in track shorts and leg warmers.

Adorkable on wheels – that’s how I roll!