I love reader requests! Found a rant-worthy article, sexy snippet or have a tawdry topic you’d like me to write about? Leave a comment below or send an e-mail to But before you make your request, I have a few simple requests for you…

Get Personal

Please address your comment or e-mail to me.  ”Dear Nadine”, “Hi Nadine” or  simply “Nadine” lets me know you’re a flesh and blood human being, rather than a spam bot.  If you prefer to remain anonymous; however, that’s just fine and dandy!

Reveal Your Sources

If you’d like my perspective on something media related, please send me a copy or tell me where I can find it. I’m an opinionated cuss and I WILL sound off on an issue I know nothing about but it’s much better for all of us if I don’t.

Be Nice

Sex is a sensitive, sometimes volatile subject. If something I’ve written has made you unhappy or uncomfortable, I’m open to a discussion. When I’ve made a mistake, by all means let me know. But please express yourself in a respectful way.  That means no name calling, insults or personal attacks of any kind. I aspire to a sex-positive, queer-positive, inclusive, pro-choice perspective. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to agree with it. But do stay classy and cool!

Please Stand By

I will do my best to honour your request but it may take some time.  Between work, parenting, spousing and my various goings on, my life can get pretty hectic. If you take the time to write to me, I will make the time to write for you as soon as I possibly can!

All good? Good! Now hie thee to the comment section or send me an e-mail! I look forward to hearing from you!