My 40 Before 40

My list of forty things I’d like to attempt before I reach my 40th birthday. Should I fail to accomplish all of these goals…well, them’s the break. But hopefully I’ll have fun trying.

Start date: November 3rd, 2012

End date: November 2nd, 2015


1. Bake a cake from scratch.

2. Make a coconut cream pie for my dad.

3. Create the perfect french fry recipe.

4. Co-host a Passover seder.

5. Get a non-ugly, non-holiday themed apron.


6. Go to grad school.

7. Earn my Master’s in Human Sexuality.

8. Live in San Francisco.

9. Attend a SAR.

10. Become an AASECT certified sexuality educator.


11. Write a book.

12. Speak at a conference.

13. Run my own sexuality workshop/seminar.

14. Plant a vegetable garden.

15.Don’t kill the vegetable garden.


16. Teach The Green Bean to ride his bike without training wheels.

17. Take The Green Bean to an SF Giant’s game.

18. Take The Green Bean to lunch at Shopsy’s.

19. Run the National Capital 5K with Aaron.

20. Compete in a duathlon.


21. Go cross country skiing

22. Go downhill skking

23. Skate the length of the Rideau Canal

24. Master backwards roller skating

25. Learn to skate-jump


26. Learn to make my own burlesque costumes

27. Perform in a burlesque show outside of Ottawa

28. Take a burlesque class/workshop

29. Attend the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto

30. Visit The Museum of Sex


31. Visit The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

32. Visit Danielle in Seattle.

33. Visit Corsica

34. Rent a cottage and relax for a week

35. Take some yoga classes


36. Organize my closet

37. Consign unwanted clothes

38. Get a pair of beautiful yellow pumps

39. Get a pair of black Mary Janes

40. Plan a celebration for my 15th wedding anniversary.