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Need that vibrator to go? Next time you find yourself in Huntsville, Alabama swing by Pleasures, a sex store and lingerie boutique that offers the convenience of a drive-thru window!

In 2010, owner Sherri Williams opened the self-described “romance store” in a former bank building. Williams, believing it would be foolish not to take full advantage of the former drive-thru teller space, created a brightly light “menu” featuring products and their prices. Motorists pull up to the window, place their order and receive the sex toy of their choice – all without leaving the driver’s seat!

I wonder if their dildoes come with a side of fries?


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Everything is better with a moustache.  So said a friend of mine of Twitter. A second friend chimed in and mentioned that certain parts of the anatomy are more sensitive to the prickles and tickles of facial hair. This led to the following tweet from a third pal:

“I request a poll be done on the facial hair abrasion sensation.”

Friend, your tweet is my command! Without further ado, I present the latest SexyPoll!

When Hair From Up Here Goes…Down There!

1. Have you ever received oral sex from a partner with substantial facial hair?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. It was facial something, but I’m not certain it was hair.


2. On a scale of 1 to 5, (1 being orgasmic delight and 5 being head from a porcupine) how sensitive are your nethers when it comes to facial hair?


3. When receiving oral sex (fellatio/cunnilingus/analingus) which style(s) of facial hair do you find most comfortable?

A. Beards

B. Beards sans Moustaches

C. Goaties

D. Moustaches

E. Mutton Chops

F. Something else (I will elaborate in the comments)

G. All of the above.

H. None of the above.


4. When receiving oral sex, which style(s) of facial hair do you find least comfortable?

A. Beards

B. Beards sans Moustaches

C. Goaties

D. Moustaches

E. Mutton Chops

F. Something else (I will elaborate in the comments)

G. All of the above

H. None of the above


Which of the following grooming techniques help keep your genitals comfy when faced with facial hair?

A. Recent trimming or shaving of facial hair.

B.  A few days worth of facial growth.

C. Well established facial growth.

D. Using conditioner or other softening agents on facial hair.

E. Using wax, gel or other smoothing agents on facial hair.

F. Braiding, beading or other methods of styling facial hair.

G. Partial or full waxing of my pubic hair.

H. Partial or full growth of my pubic hair.

Have you had close encounters with facial hair? The comment section is open!


1. Would you rather…

A. Have your best friend hook up with your greatest rival?

B.  Have your best friend hook up with your greatest crush?


2. Would you rather…

A. Have an orgasm every five years?

B. Have an orgasm every five minutes?


3. Would you rather…

A. Show up naked at your high school reunion?

B. Show up naked at your family reunion?


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I’ve spent the past few days hanging with my favourite Torontonian-Turned-Jersey-Girl, Lisa. It’s been a wonderful  drinking wine, playing with her babies and making the most of cross-border shopping opportunities and this brief change of pace has given my batteries a much need recharge.  Today I head home and I’m eager to get back to the hectic pace of work, love and life in Ottawa.


Prior to this trip, I hadn’t seen Lisa (or her partner, who is also an old friend) in many years. Reconnecting has been great, but it’s also made me realize how much I’ve missed them. Saying good-bye is definitely bumming me out. As I make the long drive home, I hope it won’t be nearly as long until I see them again.


BTW lingerie lovers, Lisa happened upon this site yesterday: Bare Necessities. It’s an online bra and lingerie store with what seem to be reasonable prices and a healthy stock of hard to find sizes.  While browsing the site, we observed that when it comes to intimate apparel, people seem to fall into two categories: those who get turned on by garters and lace and those who love things au naturel. Methinks this call for further research. Time for a SexyPoll!

Which do you find sexier?

  1. Lingerie.
  2. Nudity.
  3. Something else entirely.

The comment section is open, so cast your vote!

How do you pronounce the word clitoris?

  1. “CLI-toris”
  2. “Cli-TOR-is”
  3. “Clitor-IS”

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