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That all breasts have the same number of nerve endings regardless of their size? Therefore, smaller breasts may be more sensitive to  tactile stimulation, while larger breasts may respond to more intense sensation.

In conclusion, HOORAY FOR BOOBIES!

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Nyotaimori is the Japanese practice of serving sushi on a nude or nearly-nude woman’s body. Nantaimori is the masculine equivalent.Body sushi, as it’s often called, has attracted significant media attention in recent years and has become a increasingly popular expression of sitophilia (food fetishism) in North America. Despite it’s new prominence, nyotaimori is rarely practiced in Japan itself.


Kegel exercises strengthen the pubococcygeal or PC muscles. They’re commonly recommended for those wanting to retain or regain vagina strength and tone. But did you know that Kegels are good for the penis as well? Add a few pelvic reps to your workout routine and you may experience longer, more powerful ejaculations. Kegel exercises can also be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

So remember, peeps – no matter what kind of bits you have – get some exercise!

A micropenis is term refers to a stretched penis that is less than 3/4″ in length at birth. Micropenis is usually the result of atypical hormonal and chromosomal conditions during fetal development. It may be – but is not always – related to syndromes such as androgen sensitivity, Klinefelter’s Syndrome, Turner’s Syndrome or Down’s Syndrome. Approximate 0.6% of penises are classified as micropenises.


Recently, I was chatting with a  friend who was surprised to discover that the  emergency contraceptive pill is not the same as the abortion pill. He suggested I write a post explaining the difference between the two, so here we go:


The emergency contraceptive pill (also known as ECP, Plan B or the morning after pill) prevents pregnancy. It can be taken up to 5 days after unprotected sex. The ECP can inhibit ovulation and change the uterine lining; however, if a fertilized egg has already implanted, the ECP will not terminate the pregnancy.  In Canada, the ECP is available without a prescription at most pharmacies and sexual health centers.

The abortion pill (also known as medical abortion) terminates an established pregnancy, no more than 49 days after the last menstrual period. The abortion pill can only be obtained from a physician. Some people are familiar with RU-486 (Mifepristone), an abortion pill used in the United States; however a different combination of drugs are used for medical abortion in Canada.


Here’s a little verbal stimulation to kick off the week. Etymology is sexy, yo!

Anus: from the Latin anus, meaning “ring”.

Clitoris: from the Greek kleitoris, related to kleiein, meaning “to close”.

Penis: from the Latin penis, meaning “tail”.

Perineum: from the Greek perineon, meaning “empty stems”

Orgasm: from the Greek orgasmos, meaning “to be excited”, “to swell”.

Sex: thought to be from the Latin sexus, meaning “to divide”.

Testicles: from the Latin testis, meaning witness. Possible connection to the Greek parastates, meaning “two glands that stand together”.

Vulva: from the Latin volva, meaning “womb” or “female genitals”.



Let’s start the week with a short vocabulary lesson about NOT sex!


A voluntary restraint from some or all sexual activity.


Having never participated in sexual activity and/or had sexual intercourse. Often used synonymously with virginity or virginal.


Being chaste as a condition of being unmarried. Commonly understood as part of a religious or spiritual vow that prohibits marriage.

Whether Democrat or Republican, American voters seem to love having a family man in the White House. However, POTUS The Fifteenth, James Buchanan has the distinction of being the only swingin’ bachelor to rule the U.S. of A.

Prior to his presidency, Buchanan was briefly engaged to Ann Coleman but Coleman broke off the engagement and died soon afterward. Buchanan lived for fifteen years with his dear friend and eventual vice-president William Rufus King. Many historians have theorized that Buchanan was gay with veep King serving not only as the President’s second in command – but a life-partner as well.


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Clitoral orgasms are special indeed, however; it’s unlikely that human beings are the only species who enjoy the privilege. Virtually all female mammals have some manner of clitoris. Scientists have been able to produce vaginal and uterine contractions in chimps and cows through clitoral stimulation. This suggests these animals may be physically capable of orgasm, although whether they experience climax during intercourse is not known.

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Did you know?

Clomipramine is an anti-depressant. Typical effects include elevation of mood, increased physical appetite and a boost in appetite. Side effect may include dizziness, dry mouth, sweating and in very rare cases…orgasms while yawning. In 1995 an article in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry reported that 4 patients experienced this very unusual and not entirely unpleasant reaction while on the drug. As of 2006 it was estimated that approximate 5% of patients taking Clomipramine have the yawn induced orgasms.