While I’m taking it easy over here, I thought I’d share some of the fun, funny, thought-provoking and sexy things I’ve been enjoying on the intarbets!

Thanks to some inventive fundraising, Cards Against Humanity raised dough to purchase oodles of condoms and buckets of boar sperm. (They didn’t, though.)

Cliff says “…it’s easy– especially in areas as private and emotionally loaded as sex–to have a totally skewed idea of what everyone else is doing, and to try to conform to that skewed idea,”  and other stuff that makes a whole lot of sense to me.

I’d love to be a sex educator for parents and kids. Like The Mama Sutra!

I hear tell that some folks think we’re all going to die in a fiery inferno this weekend. That’s probably not true, but if Armageddon does come to pass, 25% of men will regret that they didn’t have more sex.

This spoken word piece on fatherhood is super dope!

I have a new Internet/blog friend! Annie is a wise, witty wordsmith and her blog, The Belle Jar is a treasure trove of feminist musings.

A mega-sized coffee table book of photography and graphic art from The Golden Age Of Porn? YES, PLEASE!

This article about perceptions of black sexuality in the U.S. fascinates me.

Hands up if you love The Lingerie Addict as much as I do!

Before I jet, I just want to say thank you everyone who commented, Tweeted or e-mailed with well-wishes after last week’s post. I’ve read all of them several times over and I feel very blessed to be part of  such a supportive community of friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



Don’t worry. There will be no fantasy prose filled strained erotic metaphors today. Just a few ensembles that are literally shades of gray. Gray is my go-to neutral. I’m almost always looking to inject some sort of colour into my outfits. And while black can be a fantastic option, sometimes it feels very stark in contrast to the bold hues I tend to wear.

Grey has the same drama and versatility as black, but it’s a softer option. It’s also more forgiving if you spill something on yourself. That’s an important consideration for me.

Dress: Two (thrifted). Earrings: Forever 21. Purse: Vintage. Shoes: Aerosoles

I nabbed this mini-frock from a local thrift store at 50% off. Between this and the dress I bought at the vintage show, I’m having a full-fledged fling with pleated hemlines this fall!

Jacket: Jacob. Sweater and Jeans: Old Navy. Boots: Miz Mooz

I used to be afraid of mixing patterns. But that’s silly. The worst possible outcomes are clashing and possibly ugliness. And the best-case scenario might result in a get-up I really like. That was certainly the case here. Houndstooth and argyle: two of my favourite patterns are even better as a pair.  From now on, I’m saving my fear for real threats, like the zombie apocalypse.


Tunic: Jedzebel. Earrings: Zahara. Belt: Forever 21. Shoes: John Fluevog

Once again I’m wearing a tunic as a dress. As a dress it’s pretty short, short enough that I might not feel comfortable wearing it with bare legs. But my friend Amanda, who is wise in the way of fashion, reminded me that tights will ground a super-high hemline.

And speaking of Amanda, she’s wearing a dress every day this month to raise money for Save the Children and The Ottawa Snowsuit Fund. Check out her style here!

The Man of Mans went to China and all he got me was this BITCHIN’ T-SHIRT!!

I *Heart* BJ. Officially the “BJ” refers to the Bejing, the t-shirt’s city of origin. But having never been myself, I can’t really say if I heart it or not. So BJ must stand for something I else I love…

Perhaps it’s a nod to the Blue Jays! I’m a Toronto-born gal. My allegiance for the hometown team is eternal and unwavering.

Or maybe BJ represents another passion of mine. Something I cannot wait to get into my mouth when I’m hot. I’m speaking of course about Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream!

My favourite flavour is Key Lime Pie.


 The MoMs has just informed me that this was NOT intended to be a baseball OR an ice cream shirt.

Was it was meant to signify my affinity for blueberry juice…or blue jeans…or Billy Joel?

Dang it, I’m shafted. Trying to figure out the meaning of this gift has got me licked. That sure does suck! 😉



My apologies for the lack of fashion last Friday. As you may recall my in-house photographer, The Man of Mans was carousing ’round China last week, so I wasn’t able to document anything. I assumed no one would notice my absence. Then last Friday afternoon I received a concerned voicemail from my mom, who thought something bad might have  happened to me.

Breathe easy, Mom. I’m fine and Fashion Friday is a go.


This past Sunday, I went to the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show.  I’ve got a decent  handle on thrift shopping, so I figured this was the next level.

Holy. Balls. Peeps, I was not prepared. It was a full-frontal sartorial onslaught from the moment I walked in!

The clothes! The sheer, overwhelming quantity of beautiful, unusual, one-of-a kind clothes! And that was just the beginning. There were spectacular hats, aisles and aisles of jewelry, magnificent shoes and the funkiest old accessories. The inventory, combined with the crush of people totally scrambled my circuits. It took about an hour or so of awestruck wandering before I got down to the business of actual shopping.

I was still a bit shell-shocked so I decided to ease into it.  I began by buying several silk head scarves for just a few bucks a piece. Here are three of my favourites:


Later, I landed another  budget score. This purse:

I spotted it almost immediately when I arrived at the show.  It was priced at 50 dollars and although I loved it, I decided it wasn’t wise to impulse spend  money when I was punch-drunk from all the prettiness. Later I went back for a second, sober-headed look. Still with the love, but I held off as I was still hoping to find a vintage dress.

As the show was winding down, I returned again and wouldn’t you know the purse was still there  and marked down to 30 dollars! I scooped up, ready to make me purchase when the seller said to me,  “I’ll let you have it for ten dollars if you take it right now.”

Sold!  !t was random luck but I felt like the baddest, deal-makin’, big shot of all time!

As for that vintage dress, I tried on several eras worth. Everything was lovely…just not on me. The fit was wrong or the colour was off or there was an annoying pokey bit that I couldn’t live with.

Then, while pawing through hodge-podgy rack of random duds, I saw something that peaked my interest. It was very 1960s mod – short, graphic and colourful. Totally my style!  It fit my budget, so I crossed my fingers, hoping it would also fit my body.   When it comes to clothes I always want comfort, good fit and because I’m lazy, simple maintenance.  When I put on a garment that’s truly special, I know because I’ll start to dance.

The dress was non-pokey, fit like a glove and the label said machine washable. I saw myself in the change area mirror and I the urge to shimmy was irresistible. “Okay,” I told the dress, “you can come home with me.”

And it did:



A merkin is a pubic wig. Developed in the mid-fifteenth century merkins were worn by women who had shaved their nethers, often as a way of curing pubic lice. Merkins were also worn by prostitutes to disguise signs of disease such as a syphilis chancre.

Today, film producers sometimes put actors in merkins to give audiences that “full front nude effect” while ensuring that the performers genitals are technically covered, a tactic that may result in a more permissive MPAA rating.

Prepare yourselves, peeps! . It’s about to get all sexy up in here!

In many ways, my relationship with The Man of Mans is a classic case of opposites attract. He’s an empiricist, I’m artistic. I’m impulsive, he’s cautious. He’s an introvert, I’m a balls-out extrovert.

I am a costume-loving, fancy-pants wearing, any excuse to get in a get-up kind of gal. And The MoMs? He has a thing for ladies in PJ pants.

And not just PJ pants. The MoMs loves seeing a lady looking casual in comfy old t-shirts, leggings, yoga pants or any other type of loose untailored clothing. He’s appreciates simple hair and little-to-no makeup.

“That’s not sexy,” I told him once” That’s a sick day.”

Bare naked face!

The MoMs took my judge-iness in stride and proceed to break it down for me, thusly.

Casual clothes are a sign of intimacy. It’s what people wear when they’re relaxed, unguarded and being themselves. It’s honest and it’s vulnerable. “Plus PJ pants make women’s butts look really good,” he added.

I had to admit he had a point.

So this week’s outfit is dedicate to The MoMs. Because I love him. And because sometimes it’s good for this clothes horse to reign it in and take a casual Friday.

I warned you about the sexy ;-)

Photo by nathanmac87

Cast your vote, peeps!


Tommorow’s birthday celebrations probably don’t qualify as a bash, but there will be drinks, food, fun and friends. That’s good enough reason to put on a party frock and celebrate one more year of being alive!

Now the only question becomes which dress to I wear as I ring in my new year? I’ve narrowed the choices down to a final three. Feel free to check them out and let me know in the comments which one you think makes the best birthday outfit.

Option One

Dress: Ralph Lauren. Necklace: Forever 21. Shoes: Locale.

This feels to me like the most “adult” of my options. Which may be a fitting choice given that I’m now officially in my late thirties. Besides, I’m a fan of adult movies, books and toys. An adult dress sound like good times to me.


Option 2

Dress: White House Black Market. Belt: Forever 21. Earrings: Thrifted. Shoes: Ambiance

Conversely this feels like the most youthful of the three options. On second thought, “youthful” isn’t the right word. Perhaps sweet is a more accurate description. I love this dress so much (check the pockets!) and I always have fun in these shoes. Also the belt is elastic and stretchy which gives me lots of room for cake.

Option 3

Dress: H&M. Earrings and Bracelets: Forever 21. Shoes: Seychelles.

This final dress is comfy, cute and shows a lot of boob. After all, it is their birthday too!


I’m still working my way through Sally McGraw’s book, Already Pretty;  thinking about the clothes I wear and their collective contribution to my overall style.

An early part of the process involves answering a long(ish) series of questions about my sartorial likes and dislikes. I won’t subject you to unabridged list of answers  (no one needs to read my mini-essay on jersey knit)  but here are a few select replies to the questions I enjoyed most.

What is your go to outfit?

A dress and heels.

Alternatively, a bathrobe.


What styles do you wish you could wear?

Side note:  I think anyone can wear any style they want. My interpretation of this question is “Are there styles/types of clothes that attract you in general yet make you feel less than stellar when you put them on?”

Bohemian chic. I see these people dressed like updated versions of San Francisco flower children. They seem so effortlessly beautiful, comfortable and fresh. Yet whenever I’ve tried to emulate that style, I immediately feel self-conscious and fake – like an actor who’s been miscast.

I’ll continue to admire pastels and pale, floral prints on others but it isn’t a style that works for me.


What are you favourite patterns

Stripes. Polka-dots. HOUNDSTOOTH!


What styles do you think look horrendous on you?

High-heeled stilettos.

First of all, they distort my walk in a way I don’t enjoy.

Contrary to what one might assume, skinny heels that are higher than about three inches actually make my legs seem shorter. Although the shoe creates a longer overall line, the part that is my actual leg becomes proportionately smaller as the heels get higher. Which wouldn’t be a problem if I wanted my legs to look shorter than they are. But I don’t.


Is there an era of fashion you absolutely adore?

Mid-sixties mod. Geometrics and high hemlines FOR THE WIN!


What about you? Do you have a go-to outfit or a fashion era that makes you squee? Are they’re types of clothing that you hate or avoid wearing?

I’ve been losing weight.

Not deliberately and it hasn’t been much but I am a petite gal. It only takes a few pounds to make a noticeable difference. My clothes are starting to get baggy and a bit sloppy feeling, which is bothersome. Like many women, I’m susceptible to getting overly focused on my body. Not to mention all the nonsense about weight and self-worth. Ideally I’d like to let my body do her thing, accept the changes and get on with my life. But it’s hard not to feel self-conscious when I’m constantly aware of my clothes not fitting.

If my body decides to settle around this size, I’ll invest in some alternations. Meanwhile, I’ve found that tunic tops are a comfortable option while my figure is in flux. A garment that’s designed to be loose and flowing, feels much sexier than a body-hugging garment that’s gaping all over.

Tunic: Calvin Klein. Earrings and necklace: Forever 21. Jacket: Old Navy. Leggings: Lululemon. Shoes: Chinese Laundry

As always, vivid colours are a guaranteed cure for any body blues I might be experiencing. I am so smitten with this jacket and the vivid cobalt of the tunic is such a powerful, happy blue, I can’t help but feel happy when I’m wearing it!


Tunic: Smart Set. Earrings and Necklace: Forever 21. Leggings: Dynamite. Shoes: Payless

Another pro for tunics is that they emphasize the lower half.  So do leggings. So this outfit is works well for me since a) I quite like showing off my legs and b) my leggings still fit.


Tunic: Jedzebel Hat: San Diego Hat Co. Bracelet: Agora Jewelry. Boots: Dr. Scholls.

Oof…sorry about the blur.

Another great feature of tunics is that the longer ones can be belted and converted into mini-dresses. Hats are also a nice stable aspect of my wardrobe. My head size has remained consistent through all of my weight fluctuations…and several concussions!

Are there pieces in your wardrobe that help you dress through body changes? Is there a colour, pattern or style that makes you feel fabulous no matter what? How many concussions have you had? I always love reading your perspective, so feel free to chat away in the comments!