About Nadine


Nadine Thornhill is a life-long klutz, having sustained 15 concussions to date. She is a passionately committed Scrabble player, both online and in-person.

Nadine Is AdorkableShe is notably awkward on the phone and generally scripts her messages before leaving voice-mail.  Nadine has a well-documented crush on Stephen Colbert, part of her general obsession with bespectacled, geek-types.  She has yet to master the art of tact and will speak openly about the wonders of masturbation within earshot of your conservative grandma.  Nadine stubbed her thumb while typing this.


Nadine Thornhill is a sexuality educator, working towards her Doctor of Education in Human Sexuality in San Francisco, California.  She is also an writer whose plays and poetry tend toward subjects such as clitorises, vibrators and non-monogamy. In her spare time, Nadine can typically be found hanging out with her husband (The Man of Mans) and son (The Green Bean), caterwauling at karaoke and concocting new ways to avoid wearing pants.