Technological advancement ain’t just for the fancy-pantsy computer folks. Innovation is happening in the safer sex field as well. Just check out these nifty prophylactic developments!

According to it’s website, the Unique Pull is the thinnest and strongest condom on the market today. It comes in a nifty little three pack that looks like a credit card, which allows you to store them safely and discreetly in your wallet. It also comes with pull tabs, so you don’t have to handle the actual condom when you put it on. You can go to the website to get more information (some of which is weirdly gendered for reasons I don’t get). You can also check out the Unique Pull in action in this promotional video bellow.

Prrrow! Dig that sultry narration.

If putting on a condom is a tedious fumbling drag, check out Pronto condoms. Developed in South Africa, these rubbers come packaged in their own easy to use applicator. Just snap the pack, slide them down and voila! It’s a pretty nifty design, though sadly they don’t seem to be available in North America yet.