Greetings from sunny California!

Well, sunny save for the reliable cover of fog that blankets my neighbourhood first thing most mornings. But this is Bay Area – a bit of grey is par for the course.

When I last left you, I was packing up my sex toys and saying good-bye to Ottawa. Since then, I’ve driven across the United States with my family, settled into our for-now home in the lovely city of Berkeley and spent my summer days being a stay-at-home parent, exploring my new surroundings and having a good-old summer vacation. But I owe you peeps an apology. I’m sorry. I should have given you the heads-up before going on hiatus. To be honest, the break wasn’t planned, but after all the moving, travel and change it was very much needed.

Now we’re into fall and I’m about to rejoin the back-to-school ranks. I’ll be starting my graduate studies in San Francisco next week, which both intimidates and excites me to no end. Before I start the book learnin’ I’m heading down to Los Angeles this weekend for the Catalyst Con sexuality conference. Attendees include some of my big-time sexuality idols such as Arial Clark, Charlie Glickman, Mona Darling, Nina Hartley and Tristan Taormino, so that’s an extra-helping of excitement!

BTW, if anyone has a smoother introduction than my standard “OMG YOU ARE THE COOLEST EVAR!!!”  please share it.

I’m thrilled to be back to blogging but with heavy schoolwork looming, my output won’t be what it was. At this point, I feel comfortable committing to a minimum of one new post a week. Sometimes there may be more, depending on what’s going down at the time but expect at least a once weekly update.

The other minor change I want to alert you to, is my new e-mail address. My old client had terrible spam filters and I lost a lot of your messages. So I’ve decided to switch to tried and true Gmail. If you have a question or a request, drop me a line at E-mailing guidelines are here!

Anyway, enough about me –  how are YOU? What did you get up to this summer? What’s exciting you about the fall season? If you met one of your idols would you be cool and gracious or full of squee?


  1. Milan says:

    Good to see you posting again