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Do you ever incorporate food into your sex play?

I’ve tried it a few times, but generally speaking, I use food to satisfy my physical appetite as opposed to my carnal ones. I have done the classic eating whipped cream off a partner  a couple of times. Unfortunately, it’s never kinky romp I’d read about in romance novels. Entirely my fault. I’m easily seduced by the frothy sweet taste of Cool Whip. Instead of focusing on my partner, I’m ultimately distracted by fantasies about ice cream sundaes Maybe next time I should use broccoli instead….

An announcement…about an announcement

I’m travelling next week, so the blog will be on hiatus until Monday, February 25th. To make up for my absence, I’ll have some pretty big news to share with y’all when I come back!*

*Except those of you who already know. You lot will be like, “Meh, what else is new?”



  1. Maria says:

    The closest that food is making it into my bedroom is when I eat leftovers after sex. Otherwise, it’s just not my thing – too messy for me.

  2. JFin says:

    So funny – my husband and I just talked about this the other day. We tried the whipped cream and chocolate sauce route once, but both of us are a little too fastidious to be excited about (or by) being that sticky. The other day he suggested maybe we did it wrong. Maybe, but I just don’t care. Sticky is not a sexy-inspiring feeling and I feel no need to repeat the experience. Also: I’d rather have the chocolate sauce with ice cream and sans hair. Blech.

  3. heidi says:

    Cold watermelon is nice, especially in the summer. Keep pieces (seedless) in a bowl of ice nearby, then you can eat the pieces and do whatever with a sweet, cold mouth. You can also keep a piece in your mouth while you are kissing wherever and mush the watermelon against your partner’s skin. (Although mouth to mouth watermelon transfer grosses me out a little.)


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