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Porn: Do you enjoy it or avoid it? Are there erotic media that you prefer over others?

It’s no secret that this gal likes porn. My teens and early twenties were all about exploring, discovering and basically grab-handing anything with explicit depictions of sex. I took a long time but I’ve learned to distinguish between the stuff that turns me on in a fun pleasurable way, the stuff that turns me on but leaves me feeling kind of icky and the stuff that doesn’t do anything for me at all.

I almost always watch pornographic films with my partner. We both love movies, we both love sex and porn is pretty effective when we want to jump start the frisky times. Except for gay porn. That’s all me. On  rare occasions when my guys take off and leave me on my own for a  couple of days, I like to chill out with a big bowl of chips and some hot guy-on-guy action.

Erotic books are my go-to for solo pursuits. Nothing enhances wanking like words. Smutty scenes in paper romance novels were my gateway to porn. When I was eleven or twelve I had a Harlequin-esque novel stashed under my mattress. All of the sexy scenes were dog-eared for quick access. From there I moved on to explicitly erotic/pornographic novels. There was a lot more sex but my masturbatory frequency doesn’t mesh well with long form fiction. Too much stopping and starting. Sexy short stories are perfect for me. A quick hit of literary inspiration and then my mind and hands are free to wander.

I almost never buy pornographic magazines. I find static pictures don’t do much for me.  I’ve also heard there’s porn on the Internet but generally I steer clear. I know there’s stuff I’d like out there, but the thought of navigating Webland to find it intimidates the crap out of me.

My favourite porn medium might be comics books. Comic serve my desire for visual stimulation AND fulfil my craving for dirty words and phrases. Colleen Coover’s Small Favours is one of the best discoveries I have ever made. .  It’s cute, explicit fantasy that makes me hella happy and hella horny at the same time.


  1. Vick Ko says:

    Ah, comics. My favourite genre might be superheroine erotica (whenever Batgirl got caught, wow oh wow).

    I think reading / text is my favourite medium.

    I’m finding video images don’t trigger the suggestive sensuality that a well written story does.

  2. Dozen says:

    I’ve always found is discouraging the number of women who don’t watch/enjoy porn and who’ve judged me for enjoying it. Thankfully, my immediate friend group isn’t like that at all, and we’ve had frank and often hilarious discussions on the things we like to watch and the things that have never really done it for us. So much of this rang true with me!! The #1 thing I agree with would be- if they look like they’re enjoying it, I probably am too. Also, the difference between what turns me on and I feel bad about being turned on by and porn pics not doing it for me. I got into a debate once in a gender studies and pop culture seminar about porn, and I found myself actively trying to get the other women in the class to go home and watch some- the main girl debating with me had seen five minutes of one porn film once that sounded like it was probably gonzo porn, and had sworn it off after that and assumed all porn was like that. I told her that there were a lot of different types of porn, and she could start with something along the lines of porn made for women. Anywho, great question and I loved the old post as well!

  3. christo says:

    Speaking of porn, a scene in the movie “The Kids Are All Right” had raised a few questions I could not ask anyone in person without offending. It depicts two lesbian women watching male-gay porn as part of their foreplay. Is this a real and common phenomena for gay people this just Hollywood creating some sort of myth? Do gay men watch lesbian porn to get aroused? And how is this even conceptually possible?

  4. E says:

    If you enjoy written porn you might like the website literotica.com (http://literotica.com/stories/ to skip the home page and go straight to the stories). It’s all amateur authors so you have to sift through but they have some great stories and lots of categories. I really enjoyed the BDSM Vassal Academy Series that you can find here – http://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=862746&page=submissions.