My friend Sterling Lynch is not only one of my favourite people but one of my favourite writers as well. Sterling is an author extraordinaire with an impressive body…of work…that includes everything from blogs to poems to songs to novels to award-winning plays.

Sterling’s work is always aces in my book, but his latest offering got my fan-gal heart fluttering extra fast. Oddawa is Sterling’s latest brain child – a fictional series featuring a new protagonist whom I love. The character’s back-alley ass-kicking is decidedly more hard core than my adorkable ways. But we do share the same name, the same sense of style and the same affinity for John Fluevog boots.

You can check out my alter-ego in action here! And you oogle some pretty Fluevog boots here:

Boot porn!



  1. Sterling Lynch says:

    Thanks for sharing the story, Nadine!

    Do you remember when I asked you about the kind of character you might like to play, if you were to play agin in theatre. I think you said something like “someone who can handle herself in a fight but doesn’t go looking for one.” That was the inspiration for this alternate universe Nadine.

    Hopefully, you will get a kick out of alternative-world Nadine’s whole world, as it unfolds. Thanks to your Fashion Friday posts, I’m sure she will always be agreeably attired. :)