image by FonnaTasha

This isn’t a blog-brag about how it is dope being of the lady-persuasion (although it is pretty dope). But I do want to bring y’all up to speed on a really cool research project called Being A Woman Today.

The study – a joint venture between Human Innovations, LLC and The Institute For Advanced Studies In Human Sexuality – will examine women’s sexual experiences through surveys (I’ve done mine!), online engagement, and talk shows. I’m always excited to hear about research with a specific focus on women’s sexuality and in this case I’m extra chuffed because this baby is ambitious!

According to their press release, Being A Woman Today has grand plans “to conduct 50 major international surveys over the next 5 years. These surveys will address the scope of women’s sexual and overall well-being.”

Five years and fifty countries will make this the biggest study ever done on women’s sexual well-being. You go, World’s Foremost Clinical Sexologists!

Big time research needs big time support. Fortunately, small contributions become big when lots of people pitch in. If you’d like to get behind this project, there are lots of ways you can help.

1. Research is expensive, yo! Donate a dollar or two – or a few – to the Indiegogo campaign.

2. Follow and spread the word on Twitter (@BeingWomenToday) and Facebook.

3. Do you identify as a woman? Take the beta survey!

If you dig human sexuality like I dig human sexuality, why not give a little love to some folks who want to deepen our understanding of what that experience means for a big chunk of our population? Cheers, Being A Woman Today! Sex research is headed for the big time!