The Man of Mans went to China and all he got me was this BITCHIN’ T-SHIRT!!

I *Heart* BJ. Officially the “BJ” refers to the Bejing, the t-shirt’s city of origin. But having never been myself, I can’t really say if I heart it or not. So BJ must stand for something I else I love…

Perhaps it’s a nod to the Blue Jays! I’m a Toronto-born gal. My allegiance for the hometown team is eternal and unwavering.

Or maybe BJ represents another passion of mine. Something I cannot wait to get into my mouth when I’m hot. I’m speaking of course about Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream!

My favourite flavour is Key Lime Pie.


 The MoMs has just informed me that this was NOT intended to be a baseball OR an ice cream shirt.

Was it was meant to signify my affinity for blueberry juice…or blue jeans…or Billy Joel?

Dang it, I’m shafted. Trying to figure out the meaning of this gift has got me licked. That sure does suck! 😉




  1. Vick Ko says:

    Ha ha ha

    Yeah, nice t-shirt.

  2. Bob LeDrew says:

    I don’t get it.

  3. Brenda says:

    Too cute!

  4. Dawn says:

    I bet he got you something else and is keeping it as a surprise for Christmas!

  5. syrens says:

    Have I mentioned that I adore you? :-)
    Also: I did not know they made a keylime pie ice cream chez Ben and Jerry’s.

  6. John Collins says:

    You’ll figure it out. You have the head for it.