photo by Harrywad

Early this year mini mega-star, Willow Smith chopped off her hair-whipping locks in favour of a super-short ‘do.  A whole ‘lot of people got all kinds of upset because OH NOES, SHE’S ONLY ELEVEN and ACK SHORT HAIRS R 4 BOYZ and HER EXCEPTIONALLY TALENTED, GOOD LOOKING PARENTS MUST BE REALLY PARENTS!!!!

Last week, the exceptionally talented Jada Pinkett-Smith confirmed that she’s exceptionally rad at being a parent. She took to Facebook to share the lessons she wants to teach her daughter about her hair, her body and her choices.



  1. Desi says:

    Wow, new-found respect for JPS.

  2. Wonderful post! I wore my hair quite short through much of college and was frequently asked why I would cut my hair when I have the ability to grow it long. I tried to explain that one didn’t have anything to do with the other and I cut my hair because I wanted to.

  3. Dawn says:

    A powerful message for us all, especially we women and girls!