My apologies for the lack of fashion last Friday. As you may recall my in-house photographer, The Man of Mans was carousing ’round China last week, so I wasn’t able to document anything. I assumed no one would notice my absence. Then last Friday afternoon I received a concerned voicemail from my mom, who thought something bad might have  happened to me.

Breathe easy, Mom. I’m fine and Fashion Friday is a go.


This past Sunday, I went to the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show.  I’ve got a decent  handle on thrift shopping, so I figured this was the next level.

Holy. Balls. Peeps, I was not prepared. It was a full-frontal sartorial onslaught from the moment I walked in!

The clothes! The sheer, overwhelming quantity of beautiful, unusual, one-of-a kind clothes! And that was just the beginning. There were spectacular hats, aisles and aisles of jewelry, magnificent shoes and the funkiest old accessories. The inventory, combined with the crush of people totally scrambled my circuits. It took about an hour or so of awestruck wandering before I got down to the business of actual shopping.

I was still a bit shell-shocked so I decided to ease into it.  I began by buying several silk head scarves for just a few bucks a piece. Here are three of my favourites:


Later, I landed another  budget score. This purse:

I spotted it almost immediately when I arrived at the show.  It was priced at 50 dollars and although I loved it, I decided it wasn’t wise to impulse spend  money when I was punch-drunk from all the prettiness. Later I went back for a second, sober-headed look. Still with the love, but I held off as I was still hoping to find a vintage dress.

As the show was winding down, I returned again and wouldn’t you know the purse was still there  and marked down to 30 dollars! I scooped up, ready to make me purchase when the seller said to me,  “I’ll let you have it for ten dollars if you take it right now.”

Sold!  !t was random luck but I felt like the baddest, deal-makin’, big shot of all time!

As for that vintage dress, I tried on several eras worth. Everything was lovely…just not on me. The fit was wrong or the colour was off or there was an annoying pokey bit that I couldn’t live with.

Then, while pawing through hodge-podgy rack of random duds, I saw something that peaked my interest. It was very 1960s mod – short, graphic and colourful. Totally my style!  It fit my budget, so I crossed my fingers, hoping it would also fit my body.   When it comes to clothes I always want comfort, good fit and because I’m lazy, simple maintenance.  When I put on a garment that’s truly special, I know because I’ll start to dance.

The dress was non-pokey, fit like a glove and the label said machine washable. I saw myself in the change area mirror and I the urge to shimmy was irresistible. “Okay,” I told the dress, “you can come home with me.”

And it did:




  1. NJ says:

    I am in love with everything you bought. Well done!

  2. Dawn says:

    Sounds like a wonderful event! Next year we should plan to go thogether……would be so much fun! Congratulations on that fabulous deal with the purse……way to go GIRL! Love it. Also like the dress too. The colours and style look vibrant on you. Enjoy!


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