Feel the excitement!

I love reunions!

I’m not talking about the high school variety. I’ve never experienced one, though movies have led me to believe it will be a wacky night of poseur hijinks and the eventual realization I’m better off than the cool kids all set to Simple Minds’ ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’.

But today I’m talking about a much anticipated reunion with The Man of Mans!  He’s been in Bejing for the past ten days doing business-y things but that’s all done now. Tonight he’s coming home!!

Ten days may not seem like a terribly long time. I certainly know couples who have easily endured much longer separations. But this has been the most time we’ve spent apart in well over a decade.  As such, I’m jump-up-and-squee excited that my best friend will be back in our bed tonight!

It’s also been my longest stint of solo parenting. In the past, I’ve relied on my family to step in and give me hand when The MoMs is away. This time I decided to go it alone. Although I wasn’t really  alone.  I’ve gotta give props to The Green Bean. He has been all kinds of excellent since his dad left : helpful, co-operative and full of hugs. Seriously, the kid has shown unprecedented levels of awesome this week.

Yesterday I saw my shrink. I told her that I’d been nervous about taking charge of our family fort all alone. The MoMs is a partner in the true sense of the word. We do the heavy lifting of raising our child and running our home together and as such, I rely on him a great deal. So I was pleased to discover that I was able to manage reasonably on my own – at least temporarily.  And as I said to Shrink, although I’ve missed The MoMs immensely, the silver lining is realizing that it’s not because I need him. I just like him an awful lot. I cannot wait to see him again!!

So calloo callay! My reunion is but a few hours away! I’ve done okay during my time alone but I am more than ready to have my partner back!


  1. Vick Ko says:

    Well done. I bet you discovered all sorts of hidden strengths during the 10 days.

  2. Dawn says:

    Happy reunion!!! Beansie must also be jumping out of his skin to see Daddy too! Love to all.

  3. Danielle K.L. Gregoire says:

    I definitely felt this post. I remember how terrified I was when Jono had to go back to work when I had Bumblebee and when I managed not to injure or maim her how amazing I felt. When he went on his first business trip the same thing happened. Then when I had both kids and he went for his interview in Seattle…I almost had a nervous breakdown. Every time I survive and so do I, I have this amazing surge of “I could totally do this by myself…and thank Carlin I don’t have to.” I am so glad that MoMs is back. You are one awesome human and am so lucky that in all of this you went before tromping down a path so I could peek out and ask if it was okay to follow.

  4. christo says:

    So this may sound cliché and I have no children, but I must say that the times I spent away from my spouse, in the end, enrich our relationship. For one, I realize how much I miss my spouse and how much work she does for me. I also have time to reflect on the relationship, see what it’s like living alone. Also, to my big surprise, I don’t feel the slightest need to cheat on her, even if I have had a few opportunities (I could wrong on this, I have no idea how to tell if someone’s interested in me or just plain kind). In the end, what I miss the most is the safe and peaceful bond we have build together.