Prepare yourselves, peeps! . It’s about to get all sexy up in here!

In many ways, my relationship with The Man of Mans is a classic case of opposites attract. He’s an empiricist, I’m artistic. I’m impulsive, he’s cautious. He’s an introvert, I’m a balls-out extrovert.

I am a costume-loving, fancy-pants wearing, any excuse to get in a get-up kind of gal. And The MoMs? He has a thing for ladies in PJ pants.

And not just PJ pants. The MoMs loves seeing a lady looking casual in comfy old t-shirts, leggings, yoga pants or any other type of loose untailored clothing. He’s appreciates simple hair and little-to-no makeup.

“That’s not sexy,” I told him once” That’s a sick day.”

Bare naked face!

The MoMs took my judge-iness in stride and proceed to break it down for me, thusly.

Casual clothes are a sign of intimacy. It’s what people wear when they’re relaxed, unguarded and being themselves. It’s honest and it’s vulnerable. “Plus PJ pants make women’s butts look really good,” he added.

I had to admit he had a point.

So this week’s outfit is dedicate to The MoMs. Because I love him. And because sometimes it’s good for this clothes horse to reign it in and take a casual Friday.

I warned you about the sexy ;-)


  1. Amanda says:

    It was great to meet The MoMs last week. You guys are too cute.
    I like dressing up every now and then, but I thank my lucky stars that the love of my life likes me best in jeans and a tee/sweater :)

  2. MC says:

    You look great! And I was also happy to finally get to chat with the MoMs last week.

    My current man friend likes to tell me how hot I look first thing in the morning when I think I couldn’t look worse. Also, his favorite article of my clothing is a “dress” (aka nightgown) that he just can’t seem to get enough of. Go figure! I’ve always thought when I met a guy who liked me best while I was wearing sweatpants and had my hair in a ponytail, I’d know he was a keeper.

  3. You look gorgeous with no make-up! The MoMs might be on to something!


  4. Tamara says:

    There is a reason I don’t own fancy lingerie or specific outfits for looking sexy. It all comes off in the end, as long as the wearer is confidence and game, who cares 😉

  5. Rachel says:

    But where’s the butt shot?

  6. Nick says:

    Have to agree with The MoMs on this one. I find PJ pants and yoga pants sexy. And generally I date women who wear little to no makeup anyways ( and I always think that is when they look their most beautiful. (Not hot, not sexy, beautiful. Just need to clear up the terminology that I use)