I’m still working my way through Sally McGraw’s book, Already Pretty;  thinking about the clothes I wear and their collective contribution to my overall style.

An early part of the process involves answering a long(ish) series of questions about my sartorial likes and dislikes. I won’t subject you to unabridged list of answers  (no one needs to read my mini-essay on jersey knit)  but here are a few select replies to the questions I enjoyed most.

What is your go to outfit?

A dress and heels.

Alternatively, a bathrobe.


What styles do you wish you could wear?

Side note:  I think anyone can wear any style they want. My interpretation of this question is “Are there styles/types of clothes that attract you in general yet make you feel less than stellar when you put them on?”

Bohemian chic. I see these people dressed like updated versions of San Francisco flower children. They seem so effortlessly beautiful, comfortable and fresh. Yet whenever I’ve tried to emulate that style, I immediately feel self-conscious and fake – like an actor who’s been miscast.

I’ll continue to admire pastels and pale, floral prints on others but it isn’t a style that works for me.


What are you favourite patterns

Stripes. Polka-dots. HOUNDSTOOTH!


What styles do you think look horrendous on you?

High-heeled stilettos.

First of all, they distort my walk in a way I don’t enjoy.

Contrary to what one might assume, skinny heels that are higher than about three inches actually make my legs seem shorter. Although the shoe creates a longer overall line, the part that is my actual leg becomes proportionately smaller as the heels get higher. Which wouldn’t be a problem if I wanted my legs to look shorter than they are. But I don’t.


Is there an era of fashion you absolutely adore?

Mid-sixties mod. Geometrics and high hemlines FOR THE WIN!


What about you? Do you have a go-to outfit or a fashion era that makes you squee? Are they’re types of clothing that you hate or avoid wearing?


  1. deekayelgee says:

    Maybe I should pick up a copy of Already Pretty before I start revamping my look for real.