Smartballs.  If you’re like me, the name conjures images of future dystopia ruled by artificially intelligent robot testicles. But you’re probably normal.

Smartballs are actually a nifty little sex toy/sexual aid created by a nifty little company out of Germany called Fun Factory. The folks at Fun Factory are known for designing good quality products with visual appeal at reasonable price points. During my days at Venus Envy we referred them as the “Ikea of sex toys”.  Thanks to my employee discount, I managed to acquire a Fun Factory items. Years later, Smart Balls are still one…well, two of my favourite play things.

Smartballs come in sets of two. Made of high quality silicone, these pretty balls are versatile but unlikely to go all I, Robot on your ass. With a bit of lube (water-based, not oil or silicone!), the balls can be inserted into the vagina and used as part of a Kegel/PC muscle workout. Because Smartballs are bit bigger than similar products, they’re especially good for beginners.

They’re also fun as a sex toy. Encased in each of the outer balls is a smaller solid ball. Once the Smartballs are inserted those little marbles start rolling around, creating vibration and sensation when you move. Many people enjoy the sensation quite a bit during masturbation, oral or anal sex. Others like to wear them out. I hear tell a set of Smartballs makes running the weekly errands an entirely new experience.  Just remember, they don’t have a flared based so don’t put them up your bum!

Smart Balls. Super-hawt, uber-practical and infinitely better than a totalitarian regime run by android genitalia!



  1. Christopher says:

    TYPO – Just remember, they *DON’T* have a flared based…