I may have mentioned my fondness for golden era porn once or twice (or eleventy) times before. What can I say? I love me some camp. Also? Nothing turns me on like a glorious pubic mane captured on 35 mm film!

I also like balls! And boobs – the kind that move when the actor lies down!*

Amongst my treasured collection of classics are various films about women who combine career with the carnal. The horny “whatever-her-job-is” girl is one of the most familiar pornographic trope, so common it’s become a parody of itself. But I find the early incarnation of these stories refreshingly evervescent and un-ironic. There are several incarnations of the premise the golden age genre, but my personal favourite is Garage Girls.

Lisa De Leeuw heads up a quartet of smart, capable, sexy female mechanics, struggling to make their way in the male-dominated field of auto repair. My favourite thing about this film might be that it portrays the women as highly skilled, competent career women. Don’t get me wrong. They’re hella promiscuous but at the same time they make sure to take care of business before they…take care of business. Don’t let the fact that they’re topless under those coveralls fool you!  The Garage Girls get paid and then laid!

There’s also a fair bit of slapstick comedy, including a bizzare thing with a gorilla. I could try to explain it but it’s better if you see it for yourself.

As much as I love classic adult films for all that they are – these films aren’t perfect and Garage Girls is no exception. Like a lot of mainstream porn, Garage Girls is pretty heterocentric. It does have the requisite girl-on-girl scene but that’s about it. One character makes a homophobic comment and that I could have definitely done with out.

All the principal characters in Garage Girls are young and white. Which isn’t to say I don’t think  my caucasian peeps are hawt! But if diversity is what you desire, this flick is less multicultural than others adult films of the time.

All of that having been said this flick is still one of my golden age faves! If you like cheesy comedy and sassy women who know their way around a drive train, I highly recommend Garage Girls. It’s one hell of a lube job!

<small>*No judgement to those of you who have or prefer breast implants.  I just really enjoy a floppy bosom!</small>





  1. Rick says:

    I find it interesting that, despite advances in technical quality, the porn of that era stands up so much better. (among other things.)

    For me it’s all about suspension of disbelief. Modern porn inevitably features the silicon sisterhood of airbrushed actresses…and I don’t buy them being in storylines like “Garage” girls or “Accountant” girls or any girls other than what they appear to have been surgically altered to be…PORN girls. Granted, I’m a leg man, so a chemically engorged decolletage doesn’t really do it for me and the modern industry wouldn’t exist were there not people somewhere watching…but I happily show my age by saving a place in my lecherous old heart for THAT 70s show.