This past week I had a stronger-than-usual for some new duds. I blame the all the back-to-school propaganda for churning up old memories. Growing up my parents always took me on a major shopping jaunt to get me kitted out with new clothes and new stationary supplies for the school year ahead.

I’ve also been jonesing for a Finder Binder.

Although I had fun during last week’s mall crawl, these days my budget is a bit too modest for a full-retail binge. Instead I set off in search of second-hand bargains at some local thrift stores! The result? Enough new-to-me clothes to satisfy my shopping jones, all at low, low prices.

Scarf and t-shirt: Value Village. Jeans: Rikochet Resale. Sandals: Naturalizer. Bracelets: Forever 21.

The thrifted components of this outfit (shirt, scarf and jeans) cost a combined total of $20.  I love the shirt so much! Super-cozy and perfect for karaoke. The scarf reminds me a little of Burberry’s classic Nova Check Plaid – one of my all time favourite textile patterns.

I’ve never purchased second-hand jeans before. Holy balls, WHY HAVEN’T BEEN THRIFTING JEANS ALL MY LIFE?  These are my preferred cut Gap brand jeans – the ones that normally cost me upwards of $70 – snagged for nine measly dollars! And the brilliant part is, they’re already broken in! I think my days of buying new jeans may be over.

Dress: Value Village. Shoes: Chinese Laundry. Jewelery: Forever 21.

I found this dress at the same Value Village as the t-shirt and scarf above. Of all my recent thrifty purchase, this is my absolute favourite. It’s comfortable, it fits perfectly and it’s exactly my style. Price tag? Ten paltry dollars!

“You can come home with me,” I told it while we were in the change room.

“WHAT?!” asked the customer in the adjacent stall.

“Oh, nothing. Sorry. I was just practicing…a speech.”



  1. Amanda says:

    nice finds! the dress is amazeballs on you :)
    Though I’ve thrifted skirts and dresses galore over the years, I have the hardest time with thrifted pants. I can never find the right size or fit.
    I’m on budget lockdown effective immediately, so there will definitely be thrifting in my future :)

  2. seenonflickr says:

    Great scores!!