Earlier this week I stopped by the mall on my lunch break to do mall-type things. After a hit of Orange Julius and spin around the Apple Store, I hit up a few clothiers for a sneak peek at the new autumn duds.  First stop, my perennial favourite…

Old Navy

I totes love the polka-dot sweater. Ditto for the hat. The shoes are a sort of faux cow-hide textile. A cool texture and a nice compliment to the sweater, although practically speaking, I’m not sure they’re sturdy enough for outdoor wear once the seasons change.

And then there are the jeans…

My anti-pants stance was challenged when a Pinterest friend posted an awfully cute photo of an awfully cute woman rockin’ some awful cute, yellow jeans.  When I saw that Old Navy has a rainbow’s worth of colourful pants on offer, I decided it was time to give pants another go.  I like the look of this pair quite a lot; however,  looks ain’t everything. I felt like my lower half had been stuffed into a bright, red sausage casing. It’s unfortunate, because I think the outfit as a whole is kind of cool but I’m not a gal who’s willing to suffer for fashion, so no go.   I still might buy the sweater, though.



The mall overlords must have cranked up the A/C because I had a major sweater jones going on. I almost walked out of the store with this sweet, shaggy cardigan. Ultimately I decided the price is a wee bit too high, but I’ll be keeping my eye out for an opportunity to snag this on sale.

I wanted to pair the sweater with a kicky mini skirt, but I couldn’t find anything suitable on the racks, so once again I settled for jeans. This pair was actually felt comfortable and the fit is flattering…with the exception of the length. I’ve tucked about 7 inches of inseam up inside those legs. If I took these to my tailor for hemming, he could easily fashion a child’s jean jacket from the extra fabric!

Also? I don’t know why I feel compelled to make such wide-mouthed smiles in self-portraits. Perhaps it’s a subconscious hope that someone will throw candy in the there.



My last stop was a return to my pantsless roots. This classic knit dress is simple, versatile and just my style. It was the clerk’s suggestion that I pair the frock with some sky high, stilettos. Sexy  (these would have been the perfect compliment to the Zara jeans) but a little too precarious for one as klutzy as me.  I adore the dress though. BCBG suggested retail prices far exceed my regular shopping budget, so it was just as well when the salesperson told me this little number was being held for another customer. But I’ve got this baby on eBay search. When the time and the price are right, she will be mine!


What’s on your fall fashion wish list? Are you an impulse purchaser or a careful planner? Do you play zany change room games like pretending the mirror is your long-lost twin?

Uh, no…neither do I.




  1. Dawn says:

    H-o-ow ‘CHEEKIE’ of you! Love the outfits on you and the black and white stripped dress is absolutlely STUNNING on you! Imagine running about doing errands or taking The Green Bean out wearing outfit #1…. the ‘What Not To Wear’ team could NOT critisize you in that! Cheers!

  2. deekayelgee says:

    When you come to Seattle will you take me shopping please. There are vintage stores here up the wazoo and I need to find a new style to start this new adventure! Come soon…


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