This story starts with something that is decidedly NOT one of my favourite things.  At the end of the week, my dear friend Danielle and her family are leaving the National Capital Region to start life anew on the other side of the continent. A good pal would be excited for Danielle, who’ll be relocating to one of her favourite cities.  And a good pal would also be happy for her partner (also a friend friend) because he’s landed an exciting new job with Great Big Techo Company.

But me? I’m a selfish cuss. I’m deeply displeased that someone I love will be living far, far away. And yes, I know, Internet and social media and super-easy to keep in touch, blah, blah, blah. Whatevs, yo. One of my favourite people is leaving me. I’m dang sad about the whole poopy thing!

Fortunately this cloud has a silver lining.

Danielle has been instrumental in developing Ottawa’s thriving spoken word scene. She’s the one who convinced me to start writing and performing poems. Many, many other people in our city can make the same claim. So when she made known her wish for one last poetry show, the local wordsmiths came out in droves.

Danielle had asked each one of us to cover a favourite piece by another poet. Rusty Priske is another of Danielle’s protégés and one of my hands down favourite word slingers. Rusty and I attended our first poetry slam together – at Danielle’s urging, I might add. We began writing around the same time.  It seemed fitting to give him one of my poems to perform.

This is the piece I’m probably best known for in the spoken word community. Too bad I won’t be performing it ever again.  Because I don’t have a hope in hell of rocking it half as hard as Rusty .

So here, in honour of my wonderful, wonderful friend Danielle is Clitoral Protestation: The Rusty Priske Remix!





  1. Rusty Priske says:

    That was fun… except for the moment that my eyes started to feel like someone had blasted liquid fire into them.

    THat has actually continued on and off since then. Did I pick up a PTD? (You can figure it out…)

  2. Danielle K.L. Gregoire says:

    This memory, and now video, will have me giggling whenever I get that crazy lonely and missing you guys feeling…