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People often avoid eating meat and consuming animal products for various ethical reasons. But if you feel vegetarian or even veganism isn’t hard-core enough, you can take your anti-meat principles to the Serengeti and go full on vegesexual!   A vegesexual is a person who won’t have sex with a partner who eats meat.

Some vegesexuals believe that sex creates a spiritual bond between two bodies and therefore booty-time with a meat eater would make both parties spiritual omnivores. Other vegesexuals are turned off by the more practical concern about swapping fluid with someone who might have trace amounts of pork chop in their system.

An adorkable salute to Amanda a.k.a The Maven of Mayhem for sharing this nifty tidbit with me. Amanda and I got together last week to watch Sex Magic and well…the experience warrants an entire post of it’s own. Stay tuned!



  1. The Maven says:

    Hah! I love that you wrote about vegesexuals! I’m sure they’re interesting folks, but I have yet to MEAT one.