The day has FINALLY arrived! The Games of the XXX Olympiad kick off in London today! Caloo callay!

I’ll be glued to live stream, watching every moment of the opening ceremonies. I go nuts for the entire overblown production – the artistic performance, raising the olympic flag, lighting the torch…and my favourite opening tradition: The Parade Of Nations!  First of there are the flags – and who DOESN’T love flags? And there’s the part where I tear up as the athletes walk into the stadium with that “HOLY BALLS I’M IN THE OLYMPICS!” look on their faces. I can only imagine what it is realize a dream on that scale.

And finally there are uniforms. I’m always eager to see how the delegates are kitted out for their Olympic debut and I’ve spent a great deal of time these past couple of weeks scouring the net for a sneak peak of the team uniforms. As always, the Parade of Nations promises to be a dynamic mix of costumery. I’ve made a list of the five team collections I’m most excited to see as they enter the stadium.


No 5.  San Marino

Designer: Salvatore Ferragamo

The Republic of San Marino is a microstate with an accordingly wee delegation of only five people. But the advantage of having small team is that they’ve been able to coral the talents of big time design mogul Salvatore Ferragamo. Unlike most of the other olympic teams, there don’t seem to be any photos of the Olympic collection floating around. But the sketches and Ferragamo’s press release promise luxuriuos fabrics and contemporary design that functions far beyond the Olympic stadium. I eager to see it all come to life on the track.

By the way, Ferragamo isn’t the only couturier dressing athletes for the 2012 games. Stella McCartney will be kitting out the hometown crew – Team Great Britain, Hermés reportedly designed uniforms for the French equestrian team, Team USA have been outffited by Ralph Lauren and Team Italy will be turned out in Giorgio Armani.


No 4.: New Zealand

Designer: Rodd & Gunn

In the hands of less skilled designers, grey uniforms might seem Dickensien-level dull.  But Australian-based clothiers Rodd & Gunn know how to put the pep in these preppy, yet contemporary duds for Team New Zealand. Rodd & Gunn work with natural textiles that are comfortable and durable – both of which probably come in handy when you’re an athlete. Practicality aside, the R&G team clearly have it down when it comes to aethestics. I would wear that dress in a heartbeat.


No 3. France

Designer: Adidas

It’s taken some time, but the burgeoning French fashion industry is slowly starting to make a name for itself in the international design community.

At any rate, I am LOVING the crisp clean lines of the Team France apparel. This might be the first time I’ve seriously considered wearing a turban. The Parade of Nations is always packed with teams sporting red, white and blue (seriously, can we get a national flag with some turqoiuse or hot pink up in here?). But Adias has put a new spin on the ubiquitous colour way . Those red shoes are swoon worthy and the whole get up will ensure that the French delagation will stand out in the crowd. Ooo la la!


No 2. The Netherlands   

Designer: Adidas

The hits just keep on coming for Adidas who also created with this exhuberant collection for the Dutch team!

While the French collection is clean, crisp and restrained, Team Netherlands are a balls-out bold in juicy oranges and electric blues!  Adidas could mass market  this collection exactly as is and I people would buy it. I would buy it  The coat/dress ensemble is a stunner of an outfit. The cut of both pieces are timeless, but the colours are what makes them throughly modern.

No wonder those models look so satisfied . They’re sexy and they know it!


No 1. Jamaica

Cedella Marley for Puma

Team Jamaica, y’all are the JAM!  I am down with everything designer Cedella Marley (she’s Bob’s daughter!) has done.

Military-inspired detailing combined with relaxed island style? Check.

Inventive references to the Jamaica’s black, green and yellow flag? Check.

Modern, urban chic design which is unexpected, yet totally works for an event like the Olympics: Check?

Marley deserves high praise for her inventive take on Olympic gear. All eyes are guaranteed to be on Team Jamaica as the enter the stadium. Especially with this slice of tall, dark and handsome carrying the flag:


World-record sprinter Usain Bolt. He gives me the feelings.




  1. Parade fashion is always my favorite part too! Also it hugely points out how HBC has been missing the mark on what, 3-4 back to back Olympics? It’s easy to see how the Canadians look like a small one up on college dorm sweat gear, when put next to the Dutch, who look professional in here to compete -outfits.

    • Nadine says:

      Agreed! Even though I’m sporting my 2012 Team Canada t-shirt in honour of the big day, our uniforms just don’t hold a candle to what some of the other countries are doing. HBC is Canada oldest company and I understand the desire to have that sense of national identity reflected in the Olympic outfits but at the end of the day The Bay are retailers not designers. I’d love to see someone like Smythe take a stab at dressing our delegates.

  2. Dawn says:

    BRILLIANT!!!…..idea for Fashion Friday. I too will be glued to my TV watching every second of the opening ceremony. During the Parade of Nations my excitiment and anxiety increases hoping to see my Bermuda Flag and athletes in their famous Bermuda Shorts! If it happens it’s only for 5secs, but you’ll probably here me shouting with glee there in Ottawa. Chances of it happening is with Canadian or BBC coverage, so guess which channels I’ll be watcing. LET THE XXX OLYMPIAD GAMES BEGIN!!!

    • Nadine says:

      Thanks, Mom! I knew you’d be watching this afternoon. I’m picking The Green Bean up early so we can watch together. I don’t know if he’ll sit all the way through to the parade of nations he is excited about seeing Team Canada come in. I’m hoping I can draw his attention to the Bermudian, Barbadian and Polish delegations as well. :-)

      • Dawn says:

        That’s so sweet you’re sharing it with The Green Bean too. If he’s not able to sit through the whole Parade of Nations just call his attention to the specfic countries of his family heritage. That’ll likely work. Also thank you too for taking care of the favour. ENJOY!!!


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