Once every four summers, the torch is passed, the flame is lit and I curse my lack of cable television.  Join me as I geek-out in a week long series of special posts dedicated to two of my favourite things: sex and the Olympics!

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If you’re an Olympics lover like me, you’ll probably watching a LOT of sports-coverage over the next couple of week. And if you’re as susceptible to influence as I am, at some point you might feel compelled to get up, get out and get a little bit athletic yourself. Peeps, I’m going to encourage you to go with those instincts. Participating in sports is good for you in many ways…including these five benefits that may give your sex life a little boost.

1. Feel Good. Feel Good.

In general, people who participate in sport or physically active pursuits on a regular basis tend to feel pretty good about their bodies.  A study from the University of Arkansas reported that 60% of men and 80% of women who exercised at least twice a week rated their sexual attractiveness as higher than average. Feeling good about our bodies and what our bodies can do makes it much more likely that masturbation and/or partnered sex will be hot, steamy and very, very enjoyable.

2. Get It On…More.

Research shows that people who get regular exercise tend to have more sex. Why? No one knows for sure but there are some interesting theories. Participating in sport often leads to a spike in testosterone, one of the driving forces of sexual arousal. Others believe that frequent sex is just one of many activities that physically-driven, sporty-type people are naturally drawn to. Whatever the reason, the jocks are knockin’ boots – a LOT!

3. Get It Up, Keep It Up.

Sports and regular exercise keep the heart pumping and the blood flowing. A healthier cardiovascular system can improve problems associated with erectile dysfunction or help stave them off all together.

4. Let’s Get Flexible.

As long as we don’t over do it,  running, jumping, stretching and generally moving our bodies help keep them agile and flexible. A little athleticism can be a big help the next time you want get creative and emulate something from the Kama Sutra or your favourite porn flick.

5. Better Sport Through Sex.

Participating in sports can be aces for your sex life. But did you know that having sex can also help your athletic performance? Despite the myth that athletes should abstain the night before a big game, research has shown that sex has no adverse physical affects on a person’s ability to compete. In fact, it may be helpful. Sex produces a spike in testosterone which can boost speed and physical strength. Sex may also help soothe pre-competition nerves, thus ensuring a better night’s sleep. And the endorphins associated with orgasm can act as both a muscle relaxant and pain reliever. Can you think of a better way to relieve those day-after aches?

Do you play a sport or participate in a physical activity? What are some benefits you’ve noticed?