Once every four summers, the torch is passed, the flame is lit and I curse my lack of cable television.  Join me as I geek-out in a week long series of special posts dedicated to two of my favourite things: sex and the Olympics!

I know what this looks like. Despite the title of this post, I promise I’m not making a  big-headed,  meta-reference to my own blog series. This isn’t narcissism.  This is plagiarism.  I straight up poached the title for these special edition posts from author James Buckley and his super-rad book Sex & the Olympics: An Unauthorized Guide.

James Buckley shows us that the Olympics have always been randy times, dating back to the ancient games Classical Greece. (BTW, did you know that back in the day, Olympic athletes competed totally starkers!)  Buckley’s highly entertaining book is full of fun facts, stats and illustrations chronicling the centuries old tradition of bawdy behaviour amongst the competitors.

Sex and the Olympics is hard (hee!) to come by in hard (hee!) copy format. Fortunately it’s available for both Kindle and Kobo. And  if you like the book, jam on over to the Sex & The Olympics Facebook page for fun links related to the non-sporting activities of the world’s athletic elite!

A reminder that the whole thing starts Friday with the Opening Ceremonies! Will you be watching? The Green Bean and I will be glued to the iPad eager to see what London has in store. Let the Games of the XXX Olympiad begin!