Once every four summers, the torch is passed, the flame is lit and I curse my lack of cable television.  Join me as I geek-out in a week long series of special posts dedicated to two of my favourite things – Sex and the Olympics!

The dude on the left reminds me of a penis!

Peeps, I can feel my temperature rising. I am on the verge of OLYMPIC FEVER!

An Olympiad refers to a period of four years beginning in January of the year that the summer olympics are scheduled to take place. Originally conceived in conjuction with the ancient games of Classical Greece –  the first modern Olympiad began in 1896, the year of first modern summer games in Athens.  The second Olympiad began in 1900, the third in 1904, etc.

This year marked the beginning of the thirtieth Olympiad. So if you know your roman numerals, you know that the 2012 London  Olympics are The Games of the XXX Olympiad!  A coincidence so sublime it’s enough to give this sex blogger an orgasm. :-)