This week I feel sexy in…

Sunglasses: Joe Fresh. Blouse: Banana Republic (thrifted). Belt: Joe Fresh (thrifted). Skirt: Jacob (thrifted). Shoes: t.u.k. (via ModCloth). Bag: Aldo (thrifted).

…work wear!

I usually work from home; however a surge of summer getaways has left the PPO Office (or the PPOffice, as I call it) light on staff. So for the next few weeks I’ll be going into work a little more often than I usually do.

The PPOffice is full of condoms and wickedly cool people who talk about sex a fair bit, so I’m just as happy spending my time there as I am  working on my couch with my laptop. The official dress code at work is pretty casual but spending extended time the actual office is kind of novel for me, so I’m taking the opportunity to play dress up with button down blouses knee-length skirts and more tailored dresses.


Necklace: Joe Fresh. Dress: Lands’ End. Shoes: Seychelles.

This is my newest dress. I saw it in the Lands’ End catalogue a few months ago, but it was pricier than I was willing to pay. A couple of weeks ago, it went on sale AND I found a discount code online. This bold plaid number was suddenly well within my budget so I snapped it up immediately.

A Twitter conversation about the dress, prompted a friend to ask how many dresses I own. I haven’t done an exact count, but I’d estimate I have close to 50 frocks in my closet. This led to an interesting discussion about many dresses I feel I need.  For the past few years I’ve been making an effort to speak and think more accurately about what I need vs. what I want.  Not because I’m against wanting things. I guess I’d just like to be honest about the fact that I own as many clothes as I do because of choice.

At this point I need zero dresses. I want all the dresses. I’ve landed somewhere in the middle at a lot of dresses.


Earrings: Forever 21. Dress: My Michelle (swaped). Shoes: Chinese Laundry.


I did wear the first yellow/blue ensemble to the office on Thursday. But this red dress and the plaid number are actually outfit projections for next week and the week after.  You’ve caught a glimpse into the future!

But that’s not my only hustle…

This red dress was yet another score from Stylin’ Jes’s famed clothing swap. It’s a size too large for me but the length and colour  work. Eventually I’ll get off my duff and take this to the tailor to be taken in but in the meantime, I wanted to include it in this week’s photoshoot, so I grabbed a couple old blind clips from our junk drawer and…


We all need a little help holding it together sometimes.