Looks like it’s condom week here in the Adorkable Realm. After yesterday’s post about the majesty of Crowns, a reader requested a post about the proper way to take off a condom. “Flicking them like elastics doesn’t impress like one might think,” they told me.

Too true, gentle reader. So here is a five-minute video tutorial about how to get a condom on and how to take it off.  NSFW Warning: this video includes a fairly realistic dildo!

Also? apologies in advance for some shaky video and weird sync issues. One day I’ll spring for a tripod and some editing software, but for now it’s just me and The Man of Mans doing the best we can with an iPhone.




  1. Nick says:

    Great Video. Fun AND entertaining. “…put your penis to the side…”

  2. Trevor says:

    And you said you weren’t good enough at videos to justify swanky tech! Pfft! That was fun. Thanks so much!

    (Also, love the Sock ‘Em Bopper Dong around 3:22. ONCE YOU SEE IT, YOU WILL NEVER UNSEE IT.)


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