Not all condoms are created equal. For years my nightstand was stocked with Trojans, Lifestyles and other big wigs in the prophylactic game. And it was fine. It was much better than fine – it was sex! The kind of fun, feel-good sex that comes from knowing my risk of STIs and pregnancy were drastically reduced!

I was perfectly happy with the old latex standbys, until I began work at Venus Envy. That’s when I discovered Crown condoms. Crowns are (to the best of my knowledge) the thinnest condoms available on the market today. They’re crafted by top condom engineers, who use a super-duper strong grade of latex, so we can enjoy the same barrier protection with significantly less material. To put things in perspective, a standard-issue Trojan condom has a thickness of 0.0027″. A Trojan thin has a thickness of 0.0o19″. Meanwhile the Crown condom has a thickness of  0.00181″.

What difference does a thousandth of a inch makes? I can say from experience that it’s like having a whole different kind of sex.

Crowns provide significantly more transmission of sensation during sex. Significantly more. They’re also great if you’re into blowjobs but not into the taste or smell of latex. In addition to being thinner, Crowns are a slightly longer and larger than average condoms, with means they may work for some of the Magnum wearing crew as well. Crowns are lightly lubricated, but I recommend adding more for extended penetration and always for going up the bum.

Not only are Crowns amazing for sensation and safer sex fun, they’re also movie stars. If you watch adult films, you may have noticed that most actors use the same pink condoms before getting down to action. Those are Crowns!

Unfortunately these wundergummis are rarely available in major chain grocery stores. But they’re frequently in stock at sex shops like Venus Envy, The Condom Shack and Good Vibrations. Alternatively, you can order online through sites like Condom Depot, Top Condoms Canada or even

When it comes to increased sensation I gotta say, for my money, Crowns are king!



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