This week I feel sexy in…

Dress: H&M. Earrings: Ambiance San Francisco. Shoes: Seychelles.



Mini dresses!

Really short skirts are sexy. Definitely not the most original statement anyone has ever made. Now that I’m the latter half of my thirties, what is has been a bit of a fun challenge is finding wee fun dresses that still feel age-appropriate. These legs of mine are almost forty. I still enjoy letting them loose, but I’ve no desire to front like I’m a twenty year old.


Dress: Zara (thrifted). Shoes: Aldo (thrifted). Bag: Old Navy.

I’m not a very tall woman. Sometimes it’s a bummer but in this case being a shorty worked out wonderfully. This dress is actually a top I picked up at the recent clothing swap. Her original owner is a couple of inches taller than I. What fit as a tunic on her works much better as fun mini-dress for me. The shoes are the beloved Mary Janes I thrifted awhile back. I’m definitely developing a strong taste for the economy of new-to-me duds.

Dress: via eBay. Shoes: thrifted. Purse: H&M.


All right. This get up is a bit of a stretch. Literally. It’s a stretchy polyester sheath covered in sequins. I’d typically wear this as part of a burlesque getup, but this time I reappropriated it into a 1960’s type costume for the recent Vintage Cocktail Party at the Billing’s Estate. Again, the shoes were a thrift find…and what a find. Not only did the match the dress, but those lucite heels were sturdy. Good thing since the night involved lots of dancing and a late night hike to a nearby cemetary

What was that I said about being age-appropriate?

Cheers to my party peeps, pictured below! Here’s to our next night out.

The Man of Mans, Rusty, Wayne, Ruthanne and Sterling toast you with vintage cocktails!