The Doctor is IN!

Peeps…I have a crush.

I don’t know what it is about this dude. Maybe it’s because we have stuff in common like blogging about sex, dating and feminism.  Maybe it’s his sharp sense of humour and wry social commentary. Or maybe it’s because he’s a big ol’ sexy nerd.

Whatever it is, there’s definitely something about Dr. NerdLove.

According to his tagline, Dr. NerdLove is on a mission to help to the nerds get the girl. That mission includes authoring bloggeriffic gems like:

Online Dating 201: Why Women Don’t Respond

What Does It Mean To Be A Man

5 Common Sexual Mishaps And How To Recover From Them (Includes bonus photo of the world’s cutest bunny!)

And my recent favourite:

It’s Okay To Want Sex

If that ain’t some toe-curling geek wisdom, I don’t know what is. If not for the fact that we live in different countries and that I am monogamously mad for The Man of Mans, I’d find the good doctor and I would ask him out for coffee so hard, he’d…um…totally have coffee with me.

If you’re into sexy nerds like I’m into sexy nerds I suggest you book a doctor’s appointment today! Dr. NerdLove definitely has the cure for what ails you.



  1. Ryan Fraer says:

    Yeah, he’s also fairly recently married himself, but Dr. NerdLove is fucking great.