This week I feel sexy in…

Shorts: Old Navy. Sunglasses: Joe Fresh. Earrings: Forever 21. Top: Jacob. Sandals: Payless Shoes.


Even though I don’t like pants, I do enjoy their leg-barring summertime counterpart. I find most pants uncomfortable around the waist, through the hips and…well in the crotch. Given that shorts are almost all waist/hip/crotch, you’d think I’d find them torturous. But no. For me they wear like an uber-comfy, slightly more modest version of a mini-skirt. Whaddup with that?

Romper: Jessica Simpson. Earrings & Bracelet Forever 21. Shoes: Nine West.

I discussed my contradictory feelings for pants vs. shorts with a fashion saavy friends, who pointed out that shorts (typically) don’t have fabric at the knee . In pants, sitting, walking and other leg bending activities pull the material taut around the hips. In shorts everything is free and easy.

So perhaps I’m not so much about pantslessness specifically. Any garment that doesn’t restrict my lower half is good times. The romper shown above certainly gives my gams ample freedom!

And speaking of bare….

Shorts: Amazing Lace. Earrings: Arden. Boa: La Vie En Rose. Bra: La Senza (thrifted). Leg Warmers: Sock Dreams. Skates: Chicago Skate Company. Photo by Victoria Scanell.

Here I am kitted out as Mighty Afrodite: roller disco goddess and my burlesque alter ego. My outlandish attire was for my performance at the Fifth Annual No Pants Dance Party. The event is exactly what it sounds like – a big party, where people don’t wear pants.  When I asked my fellow troupe members if spangly booty shorts fit the dress code for the evening, the answer a resounding yes!  As one of my stripping sisters put it, “Shorts aren’t pants!”


While We’re On The Subject Of Roller Skates…

Nancy Kenny is Ottawa’s original queen on wheels! She’s raising money to fund her wicked one-woman play Roller Derby Saved My Soul. If you’ve got a moment and a few dollars to spare check out her campaign here!

Finally, it’s a long weekend. The banks, businesses and the blog will be closed on Monday, but I’ll be back at it bright and early on Tuesday! In the meantime Happy Canada Day, countrypeople – from my family to yours!

It’s about to get all patriotic up in here!


  1. amanda says:

    Love, love the first outfit. Also, you are rocking that romper.
    After many, many years of hating shorts even more than pants, (they just don’t flatter me), I’m coming around a little, though I’m very particular about them. Most summers I live in dresses and skirts, but this year I’m all about jeans and tees…huh.
    You almost make me want to revive my outfit blog. Almost :)