This week I feel sexy in…

Fringe Festival Green!

Admittedly, I’m not usually big on t-shirts in summertime, but this baby comes with status!  This is the first time in four years that I taken part in an Ottawa Fringe production. I knew that was the right decision, but I also knew that if I wasn’t involved with the festival in some capacity, I would have the sad.

Those of you who have attended  Ottawa Fringe know that the whole operation would pretty much crumble if not for the crack team of volunteers who make sure that tickets get sold, artists are paid and the courtyard remains a hip-happening good time.  They’re a supremely cool gang and I aspire to be supremely cool…if only by association.  I decided to enlist and join the volunteer ranks.

Am I ever glad I did. Yesterday was my first-ever shift working box-office at one of the venues. I had a blast! The work (with mostly involved processing tickets) was delightfully low-pressure. My favourite part was chatting with patrons as the purchased their tickets, hearing their recommendations for shows they’d loved…and rantings about shows they did not.

I also enjoyed prancing around in my t-shirt, which as you can see says I’m straight up legit.


But with a big t-shirt comes big responsibility. It is forbidden to wear the volunteer t-shirt on Fringe premises when off-duty, lest one become mad with power. One may not consume alcohol or drugs while dressed in volunteer green. Whatevs. I’m high on handing on tickets and hanging out at the uber-exclusive Volunteer Headquarters AND the fact that my shirt is so big…I don’t need pants!


Speaking of no pants, those of you who aren’t Fringing tomorrow night should come out to Babylon for the biggest Burlesque party of the year. That’s right, tomorrow is the Fifth No Pants Dance Party.  I’ll be on stage with my fellow Lily Ladies, dropping my drawers – and most of my other garments – for one hell of a good time!  More details can be found here or on the cheeky poster below!