I'm turned on already!

Did you know that Ottawa Fringe has a repuation for being the sexiest festival on the Canadian Fringe circuit? Not only does the Ottawa Fringe Festival generate %100 box office revenues for participating artists, but local economists estimate that the arousing nature of this particular event generates over 5.2 billion* dollars for our cities condom, vibrator and lube industries.

The Ottawa Fringe was my impetus for launching this blog, almost three years ago, so it only seems fitting to take this baby back to her roots. This week I’ll be bringing you the hottest, most sultry, most scintallating news from the festival! Check back daily for tantalizing beer-tent fashions and my 2012 Fringe crushes! I’ve also hooked up with  Ottawa’s sexiest theatre blogger, Kevin “Visitorium” Reid to bring you reviews of the Fringe’s most saucy offerings!

So stay tuned, peeps! We’re taking it to the Fringe!

* Estimate based on author’s anecdotal perception of sexiness


  1. Trevor says:

    I want MORE NUMBERS. How much is the average price of a capable vibrator, a pack of condoms, & some decent lube? With that average price, how many people are getting their freak on during Fringe?


    • Trevor says:

      PS: If you ever start selling Adorkable merch, right after the “Keep your Pants Off” tee and emblazoned panties, “Math is Sexy” must be the next design.

      Also “Emblazoned Panties” is the name of my next band. I will play a theramin that is ON FIRE.

      Today is a good day to be inside my brain.

  2. Jan says:

    I have an eerily similar picture to this:


    Looking forward to seeing you at the Fringe – it’s not the same without you! (And bring Jessica, if you can – it’s not the same without her either.)