He's always hard!

The other night, The Man of Mans and I were discussing crushes and our respective “types”.  Admittedly the whims of my sexual attraction are influenced by several factors, many of which I don’t control and some of which I have no awareness of at all.  That having been said, I do seem to be more susceptible to what I would describe as a nerdy aesthetic – particularly when it comes to dudes.  Guys in rumpled button downs or gamer t-shirts totally do it for me. I like a slightly round snack belly. And I swoon over a men who rock a standout pair of specs.

To paraphrase the late great Steve Sauve – I am the gal who makes passes at the men who wear glasses!

After our conversation, I began thinking more about why my type is my type. What is it about eyewear and an apparent aversion to ironing that turns me on? After more consideration it dawned on me, that the nerd stereotype encompasses several personality traits that I find especially attractive. Nerds are generally thought of as intelligent, kind and unassuming. Nerds are often characterized by their passion for a particular subject or activity, such as science, video games or comic books.

Balls-out enthusiasm? Smarts? Gentle, kind and humble? I’ll take all of those, please!

But ultimately my lust for geek-chic comes from my brain (and my loins) making inferences about who that person is based on how they look. I don’t take this as a bad thing necessarily.  It’s just a thing. But it’s interesting to realize that my physical type – at least when it comes to men – is actually based on a personality type. It’s also interesting to consider that my sexual attraction is firing based on inferences that, for all I know, are wrong . The guy in the old Trogdor t-shirt might be the sweet geek of my dreams. Or he might be a cocksure player in a Trogdor t-shirt

(Aside: I miss my Trogdor t-shirt.)

Do you have a type? Is there a certain aesthetic, demographic or characteristic that turns you on more reliably that others? Are there personality traits that you find irresistibly sexy. Are there others that turn you off entirely? Who was your favourite Homestar Runner character?

Can’t wait to read your thoughts on this! In the meantime…BURNINATION!




  1. alexis says:

    I definitely have a type. Dudes that are tall, skinny and artistic or outdoorsy turn my head. I also am rarely attracted to blonds. I won’t want to be naked with a dude that I can’t have a good conversation with.

    On the other hand, it is good for me to date outside my type. Right now I’m doing that, and I’m having a good time 😉

  2. Amanda Earl says:

    physically i tend to notice tall men; it’s not that i won’t be into shorter guys once i get to know them, but the tall ones do tend to turn my head. i am crazy for red heads ever since John William Ellberg kissed my cheek on the first day of kindergarten to stop me from crying. also give me a poet, a guy with a guitar or a paintbrush & i go quite insane.

  3. Amanda Earl says:

    (i don’t go insane over the paint brush, but the guy with it…damn you, grammatical parallelism!)

  4. Lynn says:

    I used to think I didn’t have a type, but every single guy on my “five famous freebies” list could be CLONES, they look so similar. Apparently I have a thing for redheads :).

    In other news, I haven’t thought about Homestar Runner in years!! I’m off to search for clips. That dude was FUNNY.


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