This week I feel sexy in…

Scarf: Jacob. Dress: Angie (swapped). Sandals: Naturalizer

…clothing swap scores!

This past Sunday, stylist-at-large, Jes Lascasse invited me a clothing swap at her home. Having recently culled several items from my wardrobe this was the perfect opportunity to socialize with some awesome people, avoid a trip to donation drop-off AND perhaps pick up a few new-to-me items.

No offense to any other swaps I’ve attended, but this was the BEST haul I’ve ever had. I came away with eight dresses, three skirts, two scarfs, two tops and a pair of PJ pants. All for the low, low price of free!

In addition to the sweet load of swapped duds, you may have noticed that I also got Instagram! Because I am always on the cutting edge of hot trends from a year and a half ago.

Necklace: Modcloth. Dress: SWS (swapped). Bag: Aldo (thrifted)

After a glut of no-cost shopping at the swap, I found myself with a little extra spending cash. I’ve been wanting a new bag, so I dropped in at AMH Style a.k.a. Consignment Store Heaven! The thrifty streak continued when I found this big, beautiful beast of a bag for less than $20! Who knows if I was seduced by the plethora of pockets, the price or the fun contrast of the yellow against the deep blue of my maxi dress, but I snapped that shizz up right quick!


Scarf: Unknown (swapped). T-shirt: Unknown (swapped). Skirt: Copper Key (swapped). Shoes: Joe Fresh

I walked away from the swap with a lot of pretty things. But my favourite score might just be this Ottawa Carleton Block Parent t-shirt. Because this is more than a super-comfy item of clothing. This is a symbol of respect and authority to all those neighbourhood children who need to come in for a drink of water or maybe a band-aid or something.

And speaking of children, can we give props to The Green Bean who actually took this outfit shot? Parental bias notwithstanding, I think he did a pretty good job.


Many thanks to everyone who chimed in on my outfit for last Saturday’s Insight Theatre Gala. The court of online opinion ruled that the blue dress was most suitable for the occasion. My pal and weekend guest, Lisa, suggested I pair the dress with some leopard print peep toes and I think the combination worked quite well. The gala was well attended, we raised some good funds and I enjoyed the evening immensely!

Being blue never felt so good!





  1. Claudia Petrilli says:

    I HEART clothing swap parties. The dress I was wearing on Friday for #IRLYOW is one of my most treasured finds! :)

    And wow, you got awesome things. Yay for clothing swap parties.


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