I don’t suffer from penis envy. After all, I have several vibrating models in my nightstand. And while my toys serve most of my phallic needs, the one thing they don’t let me do is pee standing up. Indoor facilities are marvelous; however they aren’t always accessible. And – at the risk of being gross – there are certain places I just don’t like to squat.

Enter the Pee Zee! A simple, marvelous device invented right here in Ottawa. The Pee Zee is a collapsable cone made of non-absorbant plastic that lets us non-penial types relieve ourselves discreetly and quickly while standing up. I discovered them years ago when I worked at Venus Envy  and the idea is ingenious!

The Pee-Zee can help you avoid things like unclean toilets, black flies, poison ivy, line ups, exposing you backside and having to remove sporting or work gear.  It can save you time, embarrassment and pain.
Great for festivals, travelling, boating, field work and outdoor sports.  They have also been helpful to those with hip injuries, incontinence issues and small bladders. As those of you who have taken small people on a long trip know, when they have to go THEY HAVE TO GO! The Pee Zee is the perfect back up option when the next rest stop is miles away.
Because of the non-absorbent plastic, The Pee Zee can be easily cleaned with some damp paper towel or toilet paper. It folds flat and it’s small enough to tuck into an average size purse or even large pants pockets
You can purchase the Pee Zee  from their website. Or you could win a free one, right here! The awesome peeps at Pee Zee have generously offered to give a free Pee Zee to one of you adorkable peeps! All you have to do to enter is comment on this post and your name will be entered into a draw. Want to increase your odds? Follow me on Twitter and “like” the Adorkable Undies Facebook page and your name will be entered twice and thrice more! (If you’re already liking or following, thanks! You get extra entries too.)
Finally, the folks at Pee Zee rely almost entirely on word of mouth advertising. If you want to help them out and really boost your odds of winning, Pinterest users can also re-pin the following pic for an extra entry in the draw.
Our winner will be announced next Wednesday, June 13th.  Meanwhile, three cheers for the Pee Zee – a simple invention that deserves a standing ovation!


  1. Amy says:

    Years ago my English teacher told us she was going to invent such a thing, I wonder if this is hers.

  2. Patricia S says:

    What a great idea! Love this for traveling with small children and soccer games at parks without bathrooms!

    Already following you on twitter :)

  3. emiline says:

    I’ve wondered how well things like this work! Good to know that it’s easy to clean.

  4. kayla says:

    I got to test one of those out, I think at bluesfest but it could have been any music type festival, years ago. Best thing of my life. I think it was called a pee-mate then. Perhaps I‘m thinking of a different company but it was the same concept!

  5. Bambi Blue says:

    My knee just won’t let me hover like it used to. This could be great for long car trips!

  6. Elkae says:

    I am all too familiar with the “I gotta pee NOW” dance. And I must say, I love the name, very cute!

  7. Jen says:

    I want one. It could very well save my relationship on our next road trip together.

  8. Bryn says:

    Love it.


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