Tomorrow night is the Insight Theatre gala (you can still get tickets here)!  Being the kind of woman who’ll use any excuse to buy new duds, I scoured eBay until I found a lovely, summery chiffon number that I knew would be perfect for the occasion!

I know some people are nervous about ordering clothes before they’ve tried them on, but I’ve had tremendous luck with the stuff I’ve purchased from eBay. Perhaps it was inevitble that eventually that luck would run out. When my beautiful dress arrived, it was too small.

Meanwhile, preparations for the gala have kept me so busy these past few weeks, I haven’t taken time to think about a Plan B. Fortunately I haveback-up options, it’s just a matter of choosing which one…which is where you come in!

Here are three dresses I’m considering for the big Insight shindig:

Option 1: Colbalt Blue Assymetrical Hem

Dress: Unknow label (via eBay)

This dress was my first eBay purchase. This is the most current picture I have of me wearing the dress, which isn’t current at all.  I’m surprised there isn’t a more recent photo – this has been my go-to party frock for MANY an event over the years!

Pros: I love the colour, it’s comfortable, easily accessorized and a bit slinky without being super-duper clingy.

Cons: This has been my go-to party frock for MANY an event over the years!

Option 2: Multicoloured Full-Skirted Frock

Dress: Suzi Chin

I bought this dress last summer, after The Man of Mans accidentally donated three other cocktail dresses to charity. I was kind of bummed but in the end things worked out for the best.  I have plenty of clothes. I can certain afford to part with a bit of my wardrobe – especially for a good cause. Meanwhile, I’ve got a lot of use out of this bright, colourful number.

Pros: Really pretty, really comfy, doesn’t require a special bra and stands in crowd of little black dresses. Also, it flares out when I spin, which is fun for dancing!

Cons: This dress is very sweet and perhaps a little more suited for a romantic date than a cocktail party.

Option 3: Red and White With Shoulder Bows

Dress: BCBG Max Azria

This dress was also an eBay find. I love it because it’s red and white, two of my “go to” colours for fancy events. It comes from one of my favourite designers: BCBG. The dress is uber-comfy and shows some curve…especially in the back!

Pros: Sexy, while still being appropriate for an all-ages event.

Cons: Those shoulder bows are a little wily and occasionally slip down my arms (you can actually see it happening in the photo). I have to give a speech tomorrow and a bra-strap flash might harsh my classiness factor.


So there you have it? Which dress do you like? What do you think I should wear for tomorrow’s big to do?

I’ve posted a LOT of pictures of myself this week. People who say bloggers are narcissistic may have a point.


  1. M.O.M.’s looks like he’s sporting a huge bone in that first pic… hell, maybe he is.

  2. Dawn Thornhill says:

    I love all dresses, however, my vote…….OPTION 1. It looks elegant and classy has that gala look and the asemetrical design all over is ‘cool’. I think your students will love seeing you in your elegant style. Certainly the other 2 dresses are lovely, ‘springy and summery’ ….good options.
    Whatever you choose have a successful and fun night including the students. Hope there’ll be a BIG turnout.

  3. Stephanie says:

    They all look great! For the event, though, especially because you are speaking, the first one.

  4. Ray says:

    Option 2. You’ll stand out, it’s very much in season, and the pros far outweigh the cons. Though I must admit, you look damn good in all of those options.

  5. Bryn says:

    The first one seems the most gala-appropriate, but I understand the desire to not always wear the same dress to events. If you decide to go with the third, use a couple of safety pins to attach the straps to your bra straps. Problem solved.

  6. Linda says:

    While all three are lovely, I too agree that the first option says gala more than the others.
    You’ll be stunning no matter what you wear though!

  7. Michael Roesler says:

    You’re clearly having the most fun in number 1. :)

  8. Lynn says:

    I like the red and white one. You could use small safety pins to pin the straps to your bra under the bows at the top to prevent slippage.

  9. allison says:

    I agree with you about number 2 being a little more date-ish than gala-ish. I vote for number 1, with 2 a close second. You know I’d think you were yummy wrapped in a shower curtain.

  10. Ruthanne says:

    I think #1 is more gala like. I can permanently solve the slipping problem of #3 quite easily. A couple of snaps and a thread chain and voila, lingerie straps! usually for ensuring your bra straps don’t peek out, but also useful for keeping dress straps where they should be. Next time I come over, I will bring what I need.

  11. Caitlin says:

    I agree with most that #1 is most gala-ish, but I’m in love love love with #2, so I pick that one!!

  12. Claudia Petrilli says:


    I totally missed it :(


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