This week I feel sexy in…

Skates Somona. Helmet: Bell. Hoodie, Shirt and Shorts: Lululemon


Once upon a time I used to get out on my blades almost every day. When The Green Bean came along  I tried skating with a stroller but it put such a cramp in my style that eventually I stopped doing it.  The Bean outgrew his baby wheels, by which point I’d replaced blading with running and cycling.

More recently, a knee injury has kept me out of my running shoes and away from high impact exercise for the past few months. A couple of weeks ago, I spotted my old rollers tucked away in a corner of the basement and decided to go for a spin.

Skating is like flying! Unless I hit an unseen twig or bump in the road. Then skating is like falling on my ass. It’s all good. I have the best time whizzing around the neighbourhood.

Blading has been especially helpful on days when I’m in anxiety’s grip. Feeling my heart pumping and the sun on face eases my tension, if only for the few minutes I’m outside.

Safety is sexy...right?

Okay, okay. Even though I do feel sexy when I’m skating, I look like kind of a dork. Bit of contradiction for a fashion post.

I also feel kind of weird that most of my outfit consists of Lululemon stuff.

I bought these clothes back when I thought Lulu was a cool, Canadian-based company that paid it’s employees well and offered free yoga classes.  I’ve since found out they’re size-ist and kind of nuts as well, which makes me not so keen to buy their expensive (but admittedly effective) workout gear anymore.

But since I paid good money for the items I already own and they do have all sorts fancy sweat-wicking, non-chaffing, stretchy-stretch tricks, I figure I might as well get some use out of them.

Skates and pads:

The Green Bean saw my blading and decided he wanted to try skating as well. He even used the phrase “I want to be like Mummy.” PRIDE!

Quad skates are what I learned to skate on as a child. Given that they’re more stable than inlines, I ordered a pair for The Bean and they arrived in the mail couple days ago.

Now when I go out for a blade with my son his wheels don’t cramp my style at all. Check him out! I think this kid has got some skillz!


  1. Sweet moves!! Hope to catch you tearing up the ‘hood sometime :)