Peeps, I must apologize.

Work is kicking my ass, The Green Bean was sent home from school with a bloody face and I seemed to have developed some sort of anxiety-related insommnia (or possibly insommnia-related anxiety).  I want to give you the skinny on some super-rad product, film, book but my brain is way addled, yo.

I’ll be back to my regular faves rave next week. In the meantime, funnier, smarter people than me are up to some epic awesomeness. Check out these links!

– Last week I had the…ahem…pleasure of catching a sneek preview of Sex: A Tell All Exhibit at the Science and Technology museum. This award-winning exhibition opens tomorrow for a limited engagement. I HIGHLY recommend my fellow Ottawans check it out while it’s in town!

In YOUR face, stupid bullshit book about the “types” of women!

– I am humbled by the tour de force known as Janet Mock – a writer, activist and advocate for trans women of colour. “I will never depart from my core belief that…girls like us matter.”

– The very sexy Laura Rad explains how a sexual checklist can help jumpstart a sexual negotiations with your partner.

Kate Beckinsale wants Republicans in her vagina.

– Are you under 30? Do you like to draw? The city of Ottawa is holding a logo contest for it’s new Sex It Smart campaign!

In YOUR face, Cosmo Magazine!

–  Possibly be the sexiest person I have ever seen on the Internet.

– Also? I do burlesque so I have an excuse to buy stuff like this!

– Hee! This video about big…shoulders…makes a fair point!

– Fashion blogger, Juanette is rockin some fierce Mother’s Day hawtness!





  1. The best part of the takedown of that “92 Types of Women” book is the fact that the first comment reads thusly:

    “‘Single chicks can use this book to keep an eye on the competition and pick up valuable inside information.’
    What competition? What are we competing for? What’s the prize? Cake?”

    … And then the rest of the comment thread is about the kinds of cake worth competing for, and people jokingly trash-talking each other in pursuit of being Cake Champion.