In honour of Masturbation May, this month’s selection of Quickies will feature tidbits related to one of the greatest forms of pleasure – self pleasure!

Studies indicate that approximately 63% of North Americans masturbate on a daily basis, for an average of 12 minutes per session. That’s at least 58.7 million person-hours of downstairs shenanigans every day!

Talk about time well spent!


  1. Vick Ko says:

    Hmmm. I’d think for this statistic, it would be important to differentiate M vs F.

    I’m thinking the average time spent would be different between M vs F.

    Or is it?

    • Nadine says:

      I haven’t come across any statistics about gender and different wank times. Are you thinking of possible differences between gender or sex?

      Looking at masturbatory times based on gender – social identities, of which there are many – might give some clues about the external factors that influence the way we get with ourselves.

      Looking at masturbatory times based on sex – our genitals or “plumbing” if you will – could shed some intriguing light on the mechanics of how different bodies respond sexually.

      I’m curious – who do you think masturbates faster, on average?