Tonight I’m facilitating a session on sex positivity for some new volunteers at work.  My favourite part of the lesson involves an activity called “Penis Vulva  Arm”. The group must come up with as many euphemisms/slang terms for each body part. It’s no holds-barred. Participants are encouraged to throw out any word no matter how cheesy, inappropriate or potentially offensive it might be.

We write all the words on large sheets of paper. Invariably there are dozens words for both penis and vulva, while the record for “arm” stands at four.

The purpose of the exercise is to illustrate how many words we’ve created to describe the sexual parts of our bodies and how, to some extent, the breadth of language exists as a way to avoid speaking about sex directly.

While I agree that speaking in anatomically correct terms without blushing furiously is a good thing, I must confess that I do have fun with less formal sex-talk in certain contexts. Here, for your consideration, are some of my favourite sexy slang terms:

Vulva: Cunt. The Lion.

Clitoris: Clit

Vagina: Vag. Inside me/her.

Penis: Cock.

Testicles: Balls. (I’m trying to break my habit of saying “Balls!” to express disappointment, as I like balls/testicles quite a bit. “Pants!” is the my new “Balls!”)

Scrotum: Ball sack.

Breasts: Boobs (in casual conversation). Tits (in sexy situations)

Butt: Ass. Booty.

Semen: Jizz

Vaginal lubrication: Va-Jizz

Penetrative Sex: Fuck(ing)

Spanking: Ass slap

Fellatio: Going Down. Sucking cock.

Cunnilingus: Use/using your mouth (The term “eating out” just doesn’t make sense to me.)

Anal Sex: Ass fuck(ing)

Masturbation: Wanking. Taking Care Of Business.

When it comes to sex words, do you have some preferred slang terms or do you like to straight up tell it like it is? Comments are open so don’t be shy…speak up! :-)





  1. Michaela says:

    Vagina/Vulva : Kitty (instead of pussy)

  2. Badkeesh says:

    I sometimes call my cunt “mr darcy”. It’s resentment is implacable, it hardly ever forgives, and it’s good opinion once lost is lost forever. That’s how I explain my predilection for big knickers instead of thongs. Mr Darcy eats thongs for breakfast, almost literally.

  3. Call me clinical, but I favor official titles like vagina, penis, breasts— I never even say “boobs.” AND YET! The term “nutsack” tickles me pink, and I like referring to butts as rumps. Fun with language!

  4. Thalia says:

    I have to admit, I’ve never really liked the word cunt… I think it’s mostly because i only ever heard it in angry, derogatory ways before. But a lot of people seem to like it. I’ll have to think on that.

    I do like vajayjay for vagina as well as vag… I had never heard va-jizz before but I think I’ll be adopting that one!

    • Nadine says:

      I started liking “cunt” after I read Inga Muscio’s book on the subject. I find strong/hard sounding words kind of a turn-on and cunt has those nice hard vowel sounds.

      As for va-jizz…it’s all yours. :-)