The Man of Mans isn’t much for taking photos. He’s the kind of guy who likes to live life without taking constant breaks to document said living.

Meanwhile, I’m all “Holy sneakers, STUFF IS HAPPENING! I MUST TAKE A PICTURE and blog/tweet/Facebook this shizz RIGHT NOW, lest people COMPLETELY FORGET I EXIST!” It’s virtually guaranteed that if we’re on a date, a getaway or some other special couple occasion,  I will thrust a camera at The MoMs and demand couple shot. Although he’s not super-motivated to take pics on his own, he’s a good sport when I ask.

Especially if I include smooches.

Here are some of my favorite obligatory couple self-portraits:

Our very first Obligatory Couple Self-Portrait.


Happy Campers! (Truth: I'm happy because we've just decided to go home a day early. I don't like camping.)


New Year's Eve shenanigans.


Just the two of us...for the last time. At the hospital for The Green Bean's delivery.


Three in the family!


In San Francisco!


Star-crossword puzzled lovers!


How about you? Are you an avid picture-taker or a reluctant photographer?


  1. Vick Ko says:

    A million pictures of my kids.

    Far far fewer of wife and I.

    • Nadine says:

      Yes. There are far more photo of The Green Bean than The MoMs or I in this house. I think he had his picture taken more the day he was born than I did at my wedding. :-)

  2. Lisa says:

    I’m totally a picture taker. Hubby hates taking people pics. So there are hardly pics of me and the kids unless I ask!! Lol

    • Nadine says:

      The MoMs doesn’t exactly hate taking people pics, but he prefers scenery, so I also have to ask him when I want photos of me and The Bean. :-)