Welcome to the brand new Adorkable Realm (a.k.a. AdorkableUndies.com)!  Please kick off your shoes, take off your pants and make yourself at home.

image via: Etsy

I’ll give you the tour in just a moment, but first I gotsta holla’ at some fine folks who helped set me up shop over here:

Roof-raising props to Lynn of Sweet Smart Design for taking my vision of “Um, I dunno…something good, with colours” and turning it into a real life website that I love!  Lynn has been outstanding and saint-level patient while playing my tedious game of “Can I move this here? Can we change this to yellow? Change the font? Create something that references this random photo of cushions I found on Pinterest?

If you like the look of this place, please give Lynn a shout-out in the comments. Or better yet, hire her!

Also, big thanks and hugs for Wayne, Sterling, Evan, Danielle and Stephanie who gave me lots of great input while the site was under construction.

Of course, my deepest gratitude is for The Man of Mans, who’s helped me with this and every other part of my life.

Now…let me show you around.

Posts and Stuff

Most of the content from my WordPress site has been packed up and moved over here but the old site is still up so you can pop back over if you’re feeling nostalgic.


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The look is new but I’ll still be here writing about the quirks and quarks of sex. Thank you for dropping by Adorkable Undies’ new home! The doors are always open – so don’t be a stranger!







  1. Looks absolutely fabulous!! Congrats!! xo.

  2. Vick Ko says:

    Looks fantastic. Looking forward to seeing more here !!!!

    • Nadine says:

      Thank you, Vic! I look forward to having you and your always insightful comments ’round these parts.

  3. Sweet new digs! Where’s the fridge… any beer or wine? Hey, you don’t want the rest of this pizza, do you?

  4. Danielle Gregoire says:

    It won’t let me get notifications by email. :( I love the new look. The colours, the clean but cozy look. I am looking forward to visiting often!

  5. Dawn Thornhill says:

    Congratulations Nadine, it looks impressive. I’m still exploring it and thank you for making it possible to get new posts by email and follow-up comments.